A couple weeks ago, I was invited by the wonderful people at Vivo 53 to try out their regular menu items as well as their new Insane Sundaes! I was extremely excited because I had seen images of these sundaes and knew I couldn't pass up this opportunity!

I was able to bring a +1 so I invited my friend to come dine with me. We went around 3:30 pm and had the place all to ourselves since it was in the quiet time of the day; right after lunch and just before dinner. It gave me ample time to take some great pics! We ordered from the antipasto, insalata, and pizza menu to get a good mix of food.
Roasted bone marrow

Burrata with roasted organic vine tomatoes, pesto, taggiasca olives and sea salt
Formaggio di capra: goat cheese, prosciutto, caramelized onion, and fresh organic thyme
  1. The roasted bone marrow was amazing! Nice big bone chunks were served with crostini and salsa verde. It was buttery smooth and such a decadent treat with excellent flavor
  2. The burrata was another favorite! The creaminess of the burrata matched the nice tart flavors of the roasted cherry tomatoes which were also extremely fresh. I loved the presentation of them still on the vine. The olives added a nice salty flavor to the mix
  3. Vivo 53 Signature chopped salad. We probably could've done without this salad dish since we were already so full but I liked the variety of meats and beans in this salad dish. I wouldn't go out of my way to order it again but it was still a good salad dish.
  4. The pizza was great especially being wood fired. The sweetness of the caramelized onions paired really well with the prosciutto and goat cheese. I'd definitely order this one again!

And now the best part of the meal, the INSANE SUNDAES
These overly full sundaes with nut toppings, candy, ice cream, and more were a definitely drool-worthy! We ordered two of them: The Holy Spumoni and Nutella Seduzione.

The Holy Spumoni was filled with spumoni ice cream, macarons (from Lady Yum!) crushed pistachios, marachino cherries, swirled lollipop, rock candy, whipped cream, and sprinkles. I loved the pistachio bits in it and my inner 10 year old was ecstatic about the candy pieces! We were already pretty full from our meal but couldn't stop eating!

The Nutella Seduzione was richness overload! It had nutella cheesecake, chopped hazelnuts, Italian cheesecake ice cream, chocolate drizzle, dark chocolate shavings, and whipped cream. The cheesecake on cheesecake was heavy but so worth it. I loved every bite of it!

There you have it for my review of Vivo 53 in Bellevue! I would go back to eat in a heartbeat. If it wasn't in Bellevue, I would probably go there more often, not only for their desserts, but their food (I never go to Bellevue, lolz). This place has a comfortable environment and the view of the wood fire pit is great. They also have a great Happy Hour, so I've been told by the head chef that stopped by our table to see how we were doing! This place is conveniently located by Bellevue Square and would be perfect for lunch or dinner!

Readers, would you try these Insane Sundaes?!

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