Casual in Olive Green and Cherry Red

Happy Friday to you all! Today's outfit post features some old favorite pieces that I still wear to this day. I'm also adding a touch of festive-ness since I'm wearing green and red (or at least color variations of them!) which I thought was appropriate to share for the Christmas holiday coming up this weekend =)

Coat - Topshop (similar HERE)
Sweater - Marshalls
Jeans - Forever 21 (similar HERE)

I purchased this coat last year and have been wearing constantly ever since. Sure it's from last year, but hey it's still in excellent condition and is still stylish for this year. I love the deep olive color and gold hardware. I've also had these Doc Martens for about 3 years but they're still so popular, especially this deep cherry color. The reason why mines looks so nice still is because I rarely wear them, haha. I initially purchased them for a cosplay costume and because they do take some time to break in, my ankles would develop blisters every time I would attempt to wear them so I usually give up on them and try breaking them in months down the road, haha. I still love how they look and hopefully I can really break them in soon before forgetting about them for another few months. 

This is something I'd likely wear for Christmas this year. We're keeping things pretty chill and casual this year since it will be the first time not celebrating at my family's house so keeping comfy will be key!

Happy Holidays!


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