8 Sushi-Inspired Fashion Pieces

I'm starting off this week with a quick post sharing my favorite sushi-inspired pieces!

 What started it all was this long sleeve sushi post that caught my eye as I was shopping at H&M right before my trip. I knew I had to have it for all the sushi I'd be eating (and I got quite a few compliments from the locals too!). I can't find this exact one I purchased online but there's a similar one HERE. I've also added a few other current sushi-inspired pieces below!

1) Sushi Print Sweatshirt - There's nothing more fun than going out to eat sushi while wearing a shirt decked in rolls and nigiri pieces. This one from Forever 21 is fun and close to the one I found in stores at H&M.

2) Sushi Patch - This sushi patch from Shoptiques.com is a fun way to incorporate the fun maki roll into your wardrobe whether you wear it on your bag, jacket, or hat!

3) Kawaii Face Sushi Socks - This pair from Forever 21 are so fun and cute showcasung a salmon nigiri and then ikura gunkan style sushi pieces. I love Forever 21 socks and the fun variety they offer.

4) Notch Collar Top and Shorts Sushi Pajama Set - You can dream of sushi all night as you lay in this Jenni by Jennifer Moore sushi set.

5) Salmon Maki Socks - More socks but how fun are these ones by Uncommon Goods? They roll up into a sushi roll and look good even as decoration! =)

6) Sushi Print Socks - One last pair of socks, I promise! These last ones are by Hot Box and match more with the sweatshirt as there are a variety of sushi represented on the socks.

7) Soosh Leggings - Now you can stay motivated while work out with a pair of sushi leggings by Terez. Think about your sushi lunch goals after that barre class or 3 mile run, hehe.

8) Ebi (shrimp) Plush Pillow - How cute is this shrimp sushi pillow from Urban Outfitters! Whether you want to lay your head on this or leave it as decor on the couch, this piece is a must for sushi lovers.

Who else is obsessed with all things sushi?


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