Floral Jacquard in the Streets of Sandakan

The photos from the wedding night in Sandakan, Malaysia are finally here! I did a quick photo shoot with my uncle (Mirrorless Planet) at night in the quiet streets of Sandakan right before a family wedding event. 
Floral Jacquard Dress - Forever 21
Ankle Strap Heels - Nordstrom (similar HERE)
Wallet on Chain - Chanel
Red Lip Gloss - Shiseido

The first time I saw this dress, I instantly fell in love with it. What caught my eye the most was the floral print with the added birds (it looks like a common kingfisher, or at least the colors do!) all around and I thought it'd be perfect for a summer (basically) wedding in Malaysia that I would attend. I'm not the girliest girl out there but I do love me some floral dresses! I thought a red lip would pair well with the look and kept the accessories to black so the dress would really stand out. The wedding happened to be after I got a lot of sun so this dress really made my tan stand out, even though I had some weird tan lines, it still looked pretty good I think! Haha. We shot this at night during blue hour and I loved how these photos turned out. There wasn't much time to get ready so please excuse the messy hair.

I hope this looks inspires you for the next event you need to get dressy for =)


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