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tokyo ten sushi omakase japan
I'm throwing it back to Japan and one of the last meals I had in Tokyo which was at this restaurant called Sushi Tokyo Ten located in the NEWoMan department center in Shinjuku, where we had our final omakase experience. For $70, we had about 20 different items to try in a variety of items from sashimi, to soup, to chicken kabobs. This was one of the best omakase meals I've had and definitely the best Uni i've ever had. I'll let the photos speak for themselves but if you want a quality, finer dining experience, check this place out!
tokyo ten sushi omakase
1) Nigiri Plate 1 (If anyone can tell what this cut of fish is please let me know!)

tokyo ten omakase japan
2) Wakame Seaweed Salad

omakase mackerel sushi tokyo ten sashimi
3) Mackerel Sashimi Plate

tokyo ten sushi omakase
4) Close up of mackerel

omakase sushi mother of pearl japan
5) Cooked Abalone

sushi tokyo ten omakase
6) 2nd Nigir platter with halibut and something else (sorry I forgot >.<)

baby fish omakase tokyo ten sushi
7) Shirasu - little tiny fish popular from Kamakura!

japanese food sushi tokyo ten omakse
8) 3rd Nigiri Plate. One seared and one seasoned.

omakase sushi tokyo ten japan
9) Pickled Daikon(radish) and Mentaiko (spicy salted cod roe)

 omakase nigiri tokyo ten sushi japan
10) Ebi Nigiri (shrimp)

Tokyo Ten Sushi squid
11) Cooked Cuttlefish

Japan omakase tokyo ten sushi
12) Chicken Yakitori with Leeks

sushi nigiri tokyo ten sushi
13) Tuna Nigiri Sampler with Maguro and Toro

tokyo ten sushi omakase
14) Seasoned Greens

tokyo ten sushi omakase japan
15) Best looking Uni (sea urchin) Plate

sea urchin omakase nigiri japanese tokyo ten sushi
16) Hokkaido Uni on the left, dark. Aomori Uni on the right, light. The Hokkaido Uni was incredibly sweet, creamy, and the best uni I've ever had.

squid and salmon roe omakase tokyo ten sushi
17) Ika (squid) and Ikura (salmon roe) Taster 

Omakase sushi tokyo ten sushi japan
18) Salmon and White Onion Hand Roll - This combo was amazing and the onions didn't have too much of a bite and paired really well with the chopped tuna.

Omakase sushi nigiri tokyo ten sushi
19) Tamago (sweetened egg) and Anago (sea eel).

omakase sushi tokyo ten japan
20) Asari (clam) soup broth with the tiniest clams ever.

seaweed gourds sushi tokyo ten omakase japan
21) Kanpyo (rehydrated gourds) with rice in a seaweed wrap to end the meal.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this mouthwatering Omakase spread! Shinjuku is filled with amazing food and restaurants and the restaurants in and around the department stores are usually fairly good, so you can almost never go wrong!

Which dish number is your favorite?


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