Tokyo Photo Diary | Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara

Harajuku japan tokyo
Here are the rest of my photos from Japan ( or just more, haha). These were places I visited in Tokyo and I would say are some of the main spots to hit when you're in this city! 


Shinjuku has a lot to offer from shopping, food, night life, and so much more including a huge garden (see post HERE). If you want to get a feel of a major city, definitely stop by this special ward!
Japan city life shops stree style ootd


Probably not one to visit with your parents, but if you're looking for night life, bright lights, and tons of food, stop by this neighborhood. It's also nice to go during the day.
night life japan tokyo
kabukicho tokyo japan
Japan tokyo converse shinjuku kabukicho

Golden Gai

The amount of bars and clubs packed into this small area is amazing. It's a bit more touristy now but definitely a cool spot to check out, especially for some good eats.



Stop by here for all things cutesy and kawaii.
tokyo japan street style
Shibuya japan tokyo travel
Tokyo shibuya cafe tokyo harajuku
tokyo japan kawaii shopping
Japan tokyo shopping sasuke minato kakashi
japan shopping glass architect

Shibuya Crossing

If you can catch this area during rush hour/work rush - you'll get to see the real effect of this busy crosswalk.
Japan Tokyo street fast and furiuosJapan tokyo fast and furious drift
Tokyo Japan fast and furious drift


For all my otakus and gamer friends, you'll want to stop by this Electric Town and buy all the things, haha.
otaku anime manga gundam japan tokyo
electric town anime japan video games tokyo
electric town japan tokyo chiyoda
chiyoda ward japan tokyo gaming anime

That's it for this photo diary! I'll post an overall recap of places I recommend to visit while you're in Tokyo but for now, I hope you enjoyed these images!


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