7 Greater Seattle Restaurants to take your Valentine

Happy Friday! Today's post is an exciting one for me as I'm sharing my top restaurant picks to take your Valentine in Seattle (or greater Seattle area). Now if you're in Seattle now, you know a snow storm is on its way, but hopefully it doesn't last through the week so you can have a nice night out next week for Valentine's Day. I would recommend making a reservation for spots below (if they're not already fully booked), but would also say these would make great date night locations for any other time of the year! There's a range of cuisines and price points here and I'll definitely share my recommendations!

Miyabi Sushi

One of my favorite restaurants of all time and located in Tukwila, Miyabi has an excellent menu selection of Japanese food including Izakaya dishes, sushi, noodles, entrees, and more. They also have a great drink selection! What I also love about Miyabi is that they have monthly specials, and for February, they have some tasty specials including this Hotate (sea scallop) crudo!

seattle tukwilla blogger foodie sea scallopsTukwila seattle foodie blogger
I would recommend trying out any of their special dishes or drinks, but also suggest the following (depending on the mood you're in):
1. Omakase sushi to share
2. Salmon Sunrise or White Tiger rolls
3. Seattle Nabe for soup to warm you up
4. Miyabi Salad topped with fried squid legs. If squid isn't your thing, check out the Kinoko (mushroom) salad.
5. Zaru Soba/Udon
knolling seafood tukwilla seattle foodie blogger

You really can't go wrong with their selection and if you're here at night, you'll get a chance to catch a local guitar/accordian player!


Tamari Bar

I've only been here once, but the mood and food selection here is perfect for fun date night. They have specials here that are delicious and frequently change and dishes, such as the Sashimi Tower, that are perfect for sharing. If you also wanted something decadent, you'll have to try their Wagyu dishes as well, my favorite being the Wagyu and Uni (sea urchin) nigiri.
sushi japanese food capitol hill seattle foodie blogger
sea urchin foodie seattle blogger capitol hill

Coltiva Pizzeria e Barra*

I was recently invited to eat here and have to say I really enjoyed my time and meal here! This location is small but has tons of charm with Italian inspired decor, and a beautiful back bar and open pizza kitchen. It's cozy and perfect for a romantic evening out. They are a farm-to-table restaurant that sources from the owner's own farm in Oregon.
seattle queen anne foodie pizza blogger
Seattle Queen Anne foodie blogger
Drinks are strong and their pizza is delicious and often changes with the season. Their Burrata pizza is excellent as it is paired with a squash spread that adds a nice touch of sweetness and the burrata is just a rich, delicious layer added. Another delicious pie is the Figura as it is topped with nice and salty procuitto and sweetened with a balsamic reduction.


*I was invited to eat at Coltiva. This post is not sponsored and all thoughts are completely my own.

The Harvest Vine

This restaurant is located in the cutest little neighborhoods in the city, Madison, and the restaurant itself has a romantic quality to it with the nicey homey and initimate feel. They are a Basque kitchen serving Spanish foods with an excellent selection of wines. I highly recommend the Remolachas (red and golden beet salad), baked egg dishes, Foie de pato (seared foi gras), and really any of their seafood dishes.
spanish seattle madison valley

Opus Co.

If you enjoy tasting menus but ones that aren't too pricey, then you have check out Opus Co. This is another small restaurant that is very intimate. Another location that caters their menu dependent on the seasons, you can't go wrong with their Opus Feast where you let the kitchen take care of the selection for you. This is a fun way to experience their dishes and is defintitely enjoyable.
Check out my full dining experience at my blog post: Tasting Experience at Opus Co.
Fremont phinney ridge seattle blogger
Seattle Fremont Phinney Ridge foodie blogger
Phinney Ridge Seattle Fremond Foodie Blogger

Tarsan i Jane

If you're looking for something a bit more fancy and have a higher budget, I would definitely recommend checking out the Valencian dishes/tasting menu at Tarsan I Jane that is also influenced by the local ingredients of the PNW. The food is likely different now than when I went last Spring, but you'll definitely enjoy the wonderful experience, especially if you have a chance to experience the Chef's Table. You'll get to sit up close to the kitchen and see all the amazing work happening while the Chef explains each and every item. It truly is a wonderful experience.
Fremond Ballard valencian seattle foodie blogger
Fremont Ballart foodie seattle blogger

Peyrassol Cafe at Southport

This restaurant is located in Southport located in Renton and has been a favorite of mines for at least 5 years now. It's another small restaurant located by Lake Washington that has small, but delicious menu with Italian and French inspired foods. You can't go wrong with their pasta dishes, my favorite being the Pappardelle with a pork ragu. They also offer a special menu for seasonal dishes which can definitely have some amazing dishes on it. Share a cheese platter and a bottle of wine and you are set.
Renton Seattle foodie blogger
Renton Seattle foodie blogger
Renton Seattle foodie blogger

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