Baby star noodle crackers

If anybody remembers these noodle cracker snack things and live in the U.S. (specifically Seattle) then you know how much you probably miss them because they're no longer allowed into the US! So sad...

Basically, its a chicken flavored noodle snack (a lot of people compare them to the instant noodle where no seasoning is added because it's already on the noodle). And many people usually look for these either to snack on or as a topper on top of salads (for like those 'orienta'/asia' salads). This is a bigger bag of the stuff and I used to get them in a small mixed 5 bag hanging thing (post on that one later).
I like either putting a handful into my mouth and biting down, OR sucking until the flavor comes off and they become softer. And of course I got them during my trip to Canada.
I believe because of the 'chicken' essence/flavoring in these noodle snacks is the reason why the USDA banned them from coming lame and Yet Canada has them..oohwelll


  1. my friend in japan sent me them, I was looking on google to find their name (it was in Japanese on the package) and this blog had it <3
    but you say they aren't sold in the US.. (oh well)..

    1. We had them in the US for a long time but up until only a few years ago, there has sort of been a ban where the FDA hasn't been letting it in because of the chicken flavoring, I believe.
      I haven't had these since my trip to Canada so i'll definitely have to go get some more when I'm up there! It sucks we can't carry them in the US--though some places do get away with it if they can..maybe find it online? though it will probably be a whole lot more $$ !


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