Calbee chips: korean cuttlefish flavor

I must say, I've always loved the different flavor chips the calbee brand comes up with but the Hong Kong calbee that came with this one did pretty darn good! Even mi madre liked it and she's a pretty health conscious, doesn't like the junk food type of person...

The squid/ika/cuttlefish flavor wasn't overpowering at all and there was that hint if grilled flavor to it (like you see in the picture of the bag of chips).
The only down side is the amount of chips that are actually in the bag. As many of you know from opening almost any bag of chips, the amount in it is sometimes half or even less than half and the rest is just aromatic air!
The deep "wave" cuts in the chips make it a nice texture, almost like ruffles but imagine a bigger wave.
So sad I can only find these in Canada...

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