Funny Faced Gummy Balls

Today's post is going to be on this cute bright packaged chewy gummy bear like faced balls.
This particular item is from the Lion brand (known for doing many other cute looking candy packaging)

First off, as with most other Japanese candy products, the packaging is eye catching and very 'cutesy'. A quick buy for little kids or people who like cute stuff at the check out line.

As with many other products inside a little bag, its usually only half full.

Now the cool thing about these are that the little gummy balls have faces on them.And each face/color representing a different flavor. (i'm not 100% sure on the flavors yet since i can't tell from just tasting it, but I will have someone that can read Japanese clarify me for sure when I get the chance!)

Top Row L to R: Kyoho Grape, Muscat Grape, and Strawberry?
Bottom row L to R: Apple and Soda/Ramune

The texture is pretty much comparable to a gummi bear buy maybe slightly softer and they aren't too sweet. I'd also say that the little powdery looking stuff on the outside may look like sugar, but it really has no flavor, I think it's just there to keep the product from sticking together. Also, some of the faces don't quite match the package. I only got 1 flavor of the clear/white looking one, and none of the yellow one =( .
I think my favorite flavor is ramune (the blue one)
Oh yea and this product retails from around $2.19 USD.

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