Maybelline Color Whispers: Some Like it Taupe, Faint for Fuchsia, and Oh La Lilac--swatch and review

I'm finally doing the last review on the other Color Whispers I picked up. I tried not to go overboard on these so only got 3 other colors, all pretty different in color. (For my review on Cherry on Top click here )

The last 3 colors I got were (L to R): #15 Some Like it Taupe, #70 Faint for Fuschia and #90 Oh La Lilac.

The packaging sort of reminds me of the l'oreal lip balm colors, mostly the stick.

no flash

with flash

swatch with no flash

swatch w/ flash

First review is on Some Like it Taupe: This showed up pretty nude on my lips, but I quite like it because it adds a nice glossy look and neutral color on my lips that is also no fuss. I could easily put this on without a mirror. I also felt like this one was the most moisturizing, probably because it was less pigmented? It felt more like a vaseline texture and was pretty moisturizing as well. I could easily use this everyday.

The next color I tried was Faint for Fuchsia. This color wasn't as 'fushcia'/magenta as i thought it be. In some lighting it kind of looked like it had a purple undertone, and in warmer lighting it was definitely more pink. I like this one because it can be built up color-wise. I can wear it sheared out but also I can build it up for a pinkier color. This was also pretty moisturizing but didn't feel as nice as the Taupe color.

The last color I got and was most excited for was the purple Oh La Lilac. What I liked most about this was the light cool purple feeling. The picture I think makes it more frosty than it is in real life. This also felt nice on the lips, but not as nice as the Taupe, again.

I've seen these retailed from $5.99 to $7.99. I'd say get them at Target or Walmart, That's where they are the cheapest. These don't have great lasting power, it will wear off if you eat and drink. But for a moisturizing and pigmented balm like lip product, it is definitely worth a try. It is like a cross between the L'oreal Balms, not as thick as a Revlon Lip butter, and not as pigmented as the L'oreal Caresse lipsticks.

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