Henry's Taiwan Restaurant-Chinatown, Seattle

Last week, I went with my parent's to eat at this Taiwanese restaurant located in Chinatown in Seattle, WA. Now first off, there are two restaurants that go by the same name, (same owner), on the same street, and you want to go to this one (closer to the Chinatown gate/king station side). 
They offer some more things than their other place

For appetizers, we started with an oyster egg fry (omelet type thing) and stinky tofu (popular in Hong  Kong and Taiwan). The oyster egg fry was a lot different than I expected. I was waiting for a yellow regular egg omelet you might find at say, an American breakfast place, but was a layer of oyster, spinach, fried egg, with this crunchy light pastry yet gooey batter on top. I actually liked this a lot, and the sauce that went with it matched well. It wasn't spicy like I thought it'd be due to the color, but was on the sweeter side.

Now the 'Stinky tofu' or chou dofu in Chinese, was not bad for being a stinky food. There isn't an overpowering scent, unlike if you're in Hong Kong and you can smell it a couple blocks away and you think you're smelling the sewage. lolz. The stank is more prominent when you actually bite into it, but it tastes very good. The sweet glaze that is drizzled over it complimented the sharp bite of the tofu, so did the pickled cabbage.

Now for my main course, I had knife cut noodles in a red braised beef broth along with baby bok choy or shanghai bok choy, onions, pickled cabbage, and cilantro. I kind of wished the broth was a little more flavorful, not to say that it wasn't, but it was a little clear for my liking. But this probably means there was no added flavor enhancers like MSG (monosodium glutimate, aji no moto) to it so it probably overall was healthier for me. The beef was nice and tender and flavor loaded . The hand shaven noodles were also nice and firm, an al dente like texture. I was able to finish this all and didn't feel overly stuffed.

The pricing is reasonable, with the two appetizers, my noodle dish and my parents food courses, it was around $40 with tax and tip included, so i'd say around $6 to $8 dollars per dish.

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