Chinese New Year--Foodness!

In honor of yesterday being the start of Chinese New Year aka. Lunar New Year, aka the Year of the Snake--Black Serpent to be classically exact..I wanted to post the picture of food from my family's early celebration Saturday night.

We started off with Veggie wraps, the center is a mixed up concoction of carrots, mushroom, pork, oysters, onions and a whole lot of other things together. To the left is a piece of BBQ'd flank steak-my dad's specialty is bbq--and then we had a smoked pork shoulder to the right.

up close picture of the filling for the veggie wrap..i know this took a lot of work for my mom, those pieces are tiny!

Then the main attraction was our family style hot pot! So healthy but soo good!
We had a mixture of all sorts of good food: udon noodles, sha ho fun (rice noodles), sukiyaki beef, sliced side pork, tofu, a variety of mushrooms--shitake, enoki, maitake, etc--nappa cabbage, shingiku (chrysanthemum leaves), pea vines, watercress, whole shrimp, oysters, rockfish, chicken, fish balls, shiritake noodles, and I think that's it? Everything, for the most part was raw, and we cooked it in the soup and it just made the broth taste so much better.

picture of family enjoying themselves

more food enjoyment

Thanks for letting me share!

And Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! =P

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