Salumi: A Must-Stop Seattle Food destination, Review

I had a chance to FINALLY stop by the ever so popula Salumi Artisan Cured Meats storefront in Seattle's Pioneer Square area (website HERE)
Owned by the family of Mario Batali from Food Network, this place brings authentic and family style Italian foods and cured meats.

As I was walking up to the restaurant, I already noticed a line, but realized that the line moves pretty quickly (for people eating to-go which is the majority of the lunch crowd in the area).
They open at 11 am till around 3:30 to 4, Tuesday thru Friday with seasonal menus and daily specials.

Assembly line of workers that prepare the sandwhiches right in front of you and have the meat slicer constantly running.

Full menu with platter options

Porchetta: Slow roasted pork in fennel, carrots, and celery for a burst of flavor served with green bell peppers and onion on a toasted baguette. This comes to you warm and really is a flavor explosion. the juices soaked up nicely in the crispy baguette and caught all the flavor. The pork was nice and juicy and tender. Excellent warm sandwhich.

I wanted to try the cured meats so I couldn't help but try the Beef tongue/Lingua sandwhich:
Served on Giuseppe bread I believe. The cured beef tongue was sliced righ in front of me off of a huge beef tongue slab. I asked for Provolone cheese and adde the onions and peppers. This really made my taste buds happy. The flavor was incredible and the texture of the beef tongue wasn't what one typically would think of when they try beef tongue. I brought some to my brother and he really enjoyed this one.

Caldo Gallego soup: with white beans, salami chunks, potatoes, turnip, kale and bell peppers. This was a nice savory, homey feeling chunky soup/stew. There was a nice spicy bite from the salami that had peppercorns in them. The flavors were brought out well and blended nicely togethre. The beans and potatoe helped give the soup some body and texture. My favorite parts were the turnips and kale. I highly recommend this dish, and also dipping your sandwhich/bread in it to soak up all the goodness!

Pricing was mid-range I would say, but well worth it for the quality of the food. I can see why people wait in the long lines daily for their food.
All 3 items I picked up totaled to aroudn $28 with tax.

If you're ever in the Seattle area on weekday, take the time to try this place out!

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