Natsu Matsuri Weekend Summer Festival

I love summer in Seattle. The weather is wonderful and there are so many events going on that it's almost too hard to keep up with! I haven't been able to go to many of the events yet but was able to this past weekend. The Seattle Uwajimaya store held their Natsu Matsuri, Japanese summer festival which consisted of Japanese street foods, drinks, performances and I went on both days.

I loved seeing the crowd gathered and the interest many people had in trying all the tasty treats and watching the different performances.

I will say that I probably ate waaay too much, but its summer time and time to enjoy oneself!

Here are a few pictures of the festival!

Takoyaki--Japanese ocotopus dumplings in wheat flour covered with Kewpie (Japanese mayonaise), takoyaki sauce (sweet/savory sauce), nori (seaweed) flakes, and bonito (fish flakes)

Okonomiyaki-Japanese savory pancake filled with cabbage, onions, noodles and other good stuff and topped with sauce and bonito flakes.

Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen topped with menma (fermented bamboo shoots), kamaboko-uzumaki (spiraled fish cake), seaweed, and onion.
This by far was one of my favorites! It was served nice and hot, and the broth was so flavorful.

For a cool off, some ice cream! I love the whole sweet & salty combination and I find it very refereshing when it's a combo in ice cream form.
I tried all the toppings and I think I liked the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) the best.

Events that happened during both days.

Kabuki Academy

Mak Fai Kung Fu Club

Megumi Pre-School

School of Taiko
(These kids are so good!)

Ramune drinking contest

Massive Monkees and guests

Hopefully i'll be able to go to more events and places during this Summer. I hope everyone that has a summer right now is enjoying it too!


  1. All that food, looks delish! :-) Enjoy your summer!x


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