Rare Cheese Cake Pocky: Review !

I love anything that is a sweet cheese, or cheesecake flavored and when I saw this Pocky in a 'rare' cheesecake flavor, I had to try it!

Like most of the larger sized Pocky, there are two bags inside of each box/

My box was left in the heat a little too long so some of the sticks stuck together but it wasn't a big deal to me. The biscuit is coated with a light buttery yellow color which has the cheesecake flavor.
I really enjoyed this Pocky and loved the cheesiness to it. If you ever had a Japanese steamed/mushi cheesecake, then this tastes almost exactly like it! 
If you're into the sweet cheesecake flavor you should definitely try it out!
I paid around $2.39 for it believe if you have a Japanese/Asian grocery store near you, then be on the look out for it!

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