Calbee Fall/Winter Limited Edition Sweet Potato Chips Review

It's that time of year for seasonal/limited edition flavors to come out from Japan and today's review will be on the limited Fall and Winter Osatsu (sweet potato) chips.

Back of bag.

Inside of bag.

As you can see from the shape of the chips, they aren't the usual long shrimp chip shape or typical sliced oval. The chips have a petal like shape but it can sort of also looks like garlic clove. 

The flavor of the chip itself is very flavorful and has a true yet somewhat artificial sweet potato flavor. It seems the flavor is in the chip itself along with some type of flavored powder coated over the chip. 
The chip has a nice crisp texture with a bit of fluff to it (if that makes sense). Overall, it is a very nice snack/treat since I usually like sweet potato flavored snacks. If you're a fan of sweet potato and can find this in your local Asian grocery store, then I highly recommend checking it out!

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