Revlon Colorburst Lacquer & Matte Balm in Whimsical and Striking: Swatch + Review

I couldn't help myself or resist the temptation of the new Revlon Lacquer and Matte Balms, especially when they were on BOGO and the fact that I'm addicted to all things for the lips!
I wanted to try one from both the  Lacquer and Matte sets and picked up #115 Whimsical and #240 Striking.

The lacquer balm is a very shimmery/glittery berry pink color but it isn't too overwhelming after the swatch and has nice pigmentation.
The matte balm was very pigmented and glided on very nicely in the swatch. The color is a brighter red orange with a hint of pink.

On the lips, the lacquer balm was very smooth and didn't transfer as much color. It did leave a nice glossy look to the lips and as you can see, the glitter isn't super heavy. It has a nice feel on the lips without being sticky at all and does indeed feel moisturizing. The wear time on this was decent but I did notice I had to reapply after a couple hours. The shine does stay though and the color fades a little more gradually after eating or drinking.

I absolutely love the formulation of this matte balm. Unlike most mattes I have tried, they usually leave my lips feeling very or it grabs on to the dead skin on my lips ane becomes very noticeable. With this matte balm, I had not trouble with it being drying at all. It was incredibly pillow-y on the lips and very soft/velvet like (if that makes sense). The color is gorgeous and you can sheer it out for something more natural or build on the color for intensity. The wear time on this was very well even after eating and drinking. It also fades nicely and not in splotches. I had to touch up once throughout the night that I wore it out but it did sort of leave a nice stain on my lips as well.

Both products have a minty/menthol flavor and smell to it which I like, but if do not like that profile than I wouldn't recommend it for you. However, if you do like mint and the jumbo crayon stick type of lip products, then I highly recommend checking these out! They are easy for grab and go and especially the lacquer ones where it can easily be applied without a mirror, the matte ones not so much, but still lovely to have.

I will definitely go back to get at least a couple more. I have my eyes on Demure (a lacquered nude) and Shameless ( a matte purple which seems impossible to find!). I found my products at Rite Aid for $8.99 where they also had a BOGO1/2 off sale.


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