Beauty Secrets by Jill Elaine Hughes: Book Review

Today's book review is on Beauty Secrets by Jill Elaine Hughes.
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Below, I will be giving my thoughts on certain aspects of the story.

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*this book contains adult content and I will be mentioning some of those below*

Revina and Business
I found it interesting how the author made up a makeup line-Revina, but mentioned real cosmetic lines such as Maybelline and Covergirl. I want to say Revina is supposed to be Revlon--at least that was my first reaction to seeing the name. I was drawn to the story mainly for the semi-behind-the-scenes look into the executive side of a make-up brand/line. The whole business side to this story was also very interesting ebecause, for me, I do not know if such M&A are possible and for a line to continue after continuous quarters of negative sales. Leading on to the Indiana takeover, the book and the business part behind it just moved really slow and it took me a lot of time and a whole lot of effort to plow through those boring parts. Then moving forward with the whole NBC reality show, I felt, was almost pointless. The character of Nigel as a TV personality almost seemed to cliche as an antagonist. The whole idea of the NBC reality show was kind of pointless though I guess it worked with working with REITCORP and Amanda's semi-stocker old friend Adam. Though I feel like the story could have taken a different route and not have to use a reality TV show at all.

Amanda and George
The start of these two's relationship was very surprising and seemed very rush. I'm not sure how many women would throw themselves at a guy they first meet, but I guess it shows the act of desperation in times of great need. All their encounters were lacking in emotion due to how quick their sexual encounters were and I feel like there should've been something more to it especially when they have to interact working with each other. I which there was more of a development of sexual tension and that the author could've had more play into their personal life together as opposed to just the business side of the story.

Rich girl attitude vs Country boy
Amanda's rich girl side was very annoying and frustrating to read. The fact that she had no savings at all and lived paycheck to paycheck (though each paycheck was a considerable amount) was annoying for someone that should be so educated and privelaged. The fact that her parent's died with no money left should have woken her up to step up her game and perhaps not be so wasteful in spending or at least save. Though not entirely her fault that Revina was bought out, it is her fault for not having back ups and the reality slap of living not so luxurious of a life. I liked George's counter part to her life because he brings the reality to her and understands what it is like to grow up poor and work hard for his money. I actually wanted him to bash Amanda more for it. The times when she complains in the story are the most annoying, especially when she flashbacks to her father telling them that they are broke and she complains she doesn't get to go to Europe after graduation. Wake the fuck up girl! Like seriously, that attitude was really annoying and I wanted to slap her. I don't blame her for wanting all the money in her trust, the the fact that she took any amount (30k compared to how much more it could be - 1 million maybe?) since they were dead broke, but she was able to work and move up in ranking.
The Ending
The truth behind George's past was very anti-climatic. It seemed as if the end of the story came way too fast without any closure with Amanda and the TV show. Everything happened so fast one after the other and there wasn't much of a demise in Adam's plan. I wanted to see his character break down even more. Also, Amanda comes to terms with her current living situation to abruptly. It seems her rich girl attitude turns so quickly and she doesn't care about her material items that it almost doesn't seem believable. I wish there was more story written at the ending (after the whole NBC reality show thing) and less of the Revina/REITCORP/NBC thing.

Overall, I didn't read this book as quickly as I thought I would and I'm not 100% sure how I actually feel about it. I feel I was more annoyed in the story than involved, and the pace of certain parts were to slow. I think with Adam's weird obsession over Amanda the story could've turned totally intriguing in a stalker way but, the story didn't go that way.

I'm not sure I would recommend this book to my friends or people into romances because the romance wasn't as developed as I wanted it to be and it wasn't as personable. Though there are some juicy parts, the overall read is quite slow and you may find yourself bored reading it.

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