Florals in Fall: Quick OOTD

Here's a quick OOTD thhat I took in the Nordstrom fitting room. I really liked the lighting in there and the mirrors and just thought why notttt? Haha.

Even though floral is mainly a Spring/Summer print, I just can't help but wear it, no matter how bright the colors are. I think to make it more fall appropriate (and to stay warm) I added some thick fleece lined (sooo comfortable) grey tights and a big chunky sweater with some chunky booties.

J.J. Basics sweater
Lush Dress
Fleece Tights-Fred Meyers
H&M Booties


  1. It's quite adorable that your phone case matches your dress perfectly! I stumbled across your blog and now you have a new follower! Thanks for sharing. (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Oh thank you! I didn't mean for the dress to match my phone case (since it's my only phone case) hehe, I just love the color purple. Thank you for following!

  2. Love the colour of that dress




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