2013 Favorites: TV Shows

So as 2013 comes to a close, I just wanted to share my top TV shows that I was completely obsessed it.
The genres range from historical fiction, to science fiction thrillers. As the winter break comes along for most people, I think it would be a great time to catch up or start a new show either online or on Netflix of Hulu.
 And now, let the list begin!

1) Reign
I love the chemistry of these actors and their accents! I'm a fan of historical fiction works and I really like the take on Mary, Queen of Scotts. I love the sensuality and attraction between different characters in this show as well, plus they're all very good looking both guys and girls! The actors are relatively unknown too, at least to me, so I think it adds more to the appeal to this show.

2) Arrow
Okay, to be honest, I love this show because of the main actor, Stephen Amell, and can we just appreciate how good he looks?!? Haha okay, but on a serious note, I also do like the theme of rich, playboy billionaire turned vigilante after 5 years of being stuck on an island in China. I also like how it has many similarities to Batman--(Hello, League of Assassins and Ra's al Ghul). If you like adventure and arrows (like Legolas but in the 21st century) and an interesting story line of fighting crime and corruption then yes, this is for you!

3) The Vampire Diaries
Oldie, but a goodie! I've been watching this show since it's beginning. There's not much else to say besides the fact that i'm lowkey obsessed with vampires and werewolves. Now, are you team  Damon or Team Stefan?

4) The Originals

When they announced that there would be a new series about the Original vampires from Vampire Diaries, I was really excited! I love the different personalities of the Original vampires and have always wanted to learn more about their past and their history, aside from what we know from Vampire Diaries. This show is a good addition to my already obsessive nature with the Vampire Diaries

5) Hart of Dixie

I didn't start this show until the end of the first season and even with that episode, I got hooked and started watching it on Netflix. I was immediately addicted to this show too, and wasn't sure if I was team Wade or team George Tucker! There's always such chemistry between Wade and Zoe, but sometimes I want her to be with George. Overall, this series is taking a different turn but I feel more "Zade" in the near future!

(I did start to like The Tomorrow People too)-it gets an honorable mention.

6) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If you ever wanted to know what happened to Agent Phil Coulson after the movie The Avengers, then you need to watch this show! If you like the world of Marvel and superheroes, then you need to watch this! That's all I have to say. Plus the mix of characters and actors is pretty nice to see too since there are some veteran actors and new ones I haven't heard of or seen but I like their work so far.
7) Revenge

When I first watched this on Netflix, I was immediately hooked because I love the actress Emily Van Camp. I also like the whole drama behind the Hamptons and people with money and how she plots her revenge on these rich business people who turned against her father. The last few episodes of the current season were kind of lagging, Emily isn't as good in her plots as before, but hopefully the episodes next year will give her her old scheming self back. I also really want her to be with Jack Porter! Ahhhhh, please?

8) Betrayal

This is a brand new show that just aired recently in Fall and I am already addicted to it, just after the first 2 episodes! I won't give away the plot, but if you're into sexual passionate affairs, murder, corruption, and Betrayal, the give this show a go!

9) The Walking Dead
#1) They can NOT kill Daryl, they better not! #2) I frikken love Steven Yeun aka Glenn! and #3) THe Governor got stabbed by Michone and really better be dead! That is all!

10) Breaking Bad 

Science teacher turned head honcho in the meth cook industry + Whitey Tighties + Jesse Pinkman + Bitch = Best show ever!. And that ending was sad but fulfilling. Just watch this, please.

ABC Family:
11) Pretty Little Liars 

This is definitely such a guilty pleasure with the most cliffhangers in any other show I swear! And especially with Ezra as possible A?/ WTF!??! I neeed the next episodes to come sooner! I'm having withdrawals.

12) The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits

I was in love with Avatar: The Last Airbender, and when they were announcing another Avatar: The Legend of Korra, I was excited. Then when they announced a second book for The Legend of Korra, I was more excited because I didn't know how they would continue the story! The best part is that the very first Avatar, Avatar Wan, makes an appearance and he is voiced non-other by Steven Yeun from the Walking Dead!

Other Favorites:
K-Drama (Korean Drama)-Heirs

If you have every seen Boys over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango, the Korean and Japanese drama, then you may like this one! Basically--its poor girl meets rich guys, the other rich people take notice of her, but that poor girl and rich guy fall in love and face a lot of obstacles before ultimately being able to be with each other.

And on Netlfix--Hemlock Grove and Orange is the New Black.
Hemlock Grove also has the whole vampire and werewolf thing going on, but in a more realistic manner, if that makes sense. Based off a book, they really made the show almost word for word from the book. I just love how dark this show is and it can be a little disturbing. And if you like Fullmetal Alchemist and the idea of ouroboros, then, I think you'd enjoy this. I really want them to come up with a 2nd season because of how addicting and how obsessed I am with this show. Also, Bill Skasgard as Roman Godfrey (one of the main actors) is sexy as hell in the most sadomasochistic way. 

Orange is the New Black, also based off a book (haven't read it yet) but it was just a totally different drama that I didn't even think I would go for. It takes place mainly in a female prison and the journey of one particular convict and her experiences in the prison where her old ex-girlfriend is also in (she's currently engaged to her fiance so its even more dramatic!) I can't wait for a second season, the last episode left you also with a WTF reaction.

Some of these shows are a little "typical" but , they entertain me and I frikken loved them!

If I had to pick my top 3, I would have to say... 1) Breaking Bad/The Legend of Korra Book 2, 2) The Walking Dead/Hemlock Grove, and 3) Pretty Little Liars. Though I will probably change my mind after posting this!

What were your favorite shows this year? Are any of the ones listed above on your favorites list too?


  1. I love breaking bad!


  2. So happy for this list! I've only seen Breaking Bad (love, love, love), and now will have to watch the others. Thanks for sharing!

    PS: I love your blog. New follower!!



    1. You're welcome! I feel like this list is pretty random, but not at the same time. And Yes Breaking Bad was so awesome, I couldn't get enough of it!


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