Fall Asian Beauty Haul 2013

I absolutely love Asian beauty products, especially Korean and Japanese brands. Today I wanted to show you guys a little haul that i've done on some facial beauty items that I recently picked up !

The first two things I picked I'll be honest, I mainly got for the packaging and the fact that it was rose scented (i'm a sucker for all things rose!). I also figured that since I haven't tried this brand before that I would try a couple of things out. 
The first one is the Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner  which is essentially a toner and then the  Moisture Cream I can't wait till I finish my current facial beauty items and try this one out! I have high hopes!

The next item I picked up was the Kracie Moistage triple essence cream which is by far one of my favorite daily moisturizers. The current one I have is running low so I thought I would stock back up on this one.

One of my favorite facial treats are sheet masks and the Korean made ones are by far my favorite ones. I picked up 5 different kinds to try from the brand Japan Gals Pure Smile (product made in Korea) and decided on the Milk Essence, Pearl Essence, Snail Essence, Ruby Essence, and Royal Jelly Essence masks. I never tried this brand before either but I think it will turn out good! 

The last thing I picked up was mainly due to packaging as well but I liked the idea of it also! It's Kracie's Aroma Resort Happy Sweet Peach Body Mist and I have to say, it is probably my favorite find! If you love peach scents, then I highly recommend this product! I've already used it a few times and love the lingering of the scent. I also bought it to pair with my Peach body butter from the Body Shop and they go wonderfully together. Also, the unique thing about this product is that it is actually mist type body lotion so this product is also great on its own. I can this being used mostly in the warmer months when you want some hydration but don't want to slather on heavier lotions or creams. 

I also picked up a set of peach hand soaps but those were mainly just for putting by the sink.
I picked up all these items at the Seattle Uwajimaya and paid with all items with my own money.*
I would also suggest checking out sasa.com since all of the items can also be found there!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick post! Do you like asian skin care items? What's your favorite brand??


  1. A peach body mist sounds lovely! Great haul! :)

    1. Yes, indeed it is! Especially since it is a body mist lotion, which I like even more =P

  2. Great haul! I really wish I could try some of these products!! :D



    1. thanks! if there's any type of asian store near you, even grocery stores, I would check them out since a lot of times they will carry some beauty products too!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm lucky that I have a lot of Asian stores (grocery stores that have beauty products located inside) and I know a few mainstream places like Sephora are starting to carry some Asian beauty products as well. But I also love Sasa.com , they ship internationally and have a whole selection of beauty products for good prices!

  4. Thanks! I hope you will be able to try some in the future too!

  5. Such a nice products dear ! lovely haul !! xx

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