Korean Cream Wafers-Review

Today, I have a quick little goodie review on these Korean Cream Wafers.

I'm not sure what the brand these are since, I can't read Korean, and also, the English labeling on the back only has a description and ingredient lists >.<
Basically, these wafers come wrapped in a parchment paper inside the foil packaging which I can appreciate since this helps keep the freshness. I would also assume this cream flavor is supposed to be a vanilla ice cream type flavor because of the picture on the front packaging.
The wafers were way smaller and thinner than I thought they would be which made them quite cute! They aren't like the Chinese wafers I've had where they are thicker and about 6 layers as opposed to 3 and I think I do prefer the thinner layers when it comes to wafers.
Now the taste/flavor was a little weird...The wafer itself was fine and nice, but the cream flavor sort of threw me off. It almost had an initial taste of bubblegum and then turned into vanilla. It wasn't necessarily bad, but just a little off. I probably won't repurchase this since I wasn't 100% in love with them. I did find them at H-Mart for about $1.29 so it is very affordable.

I plan to review more Chinese and Korean snacks (but of course still the Japanese ones) so look out for those soon!! =P


  1. Looks very interesting, but honestly I don´t like the wafers so the ackaging looks nice!

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    1. packaging is everything! It makes me want to buy something even if I don't like it..hehe

  2. Those crackers look so good!
    Hope you have a great year to come! Happy New Year!


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