Hey-Pop Jello Lip Tint in #1 Pink Peach: Swatch + Review

I've been testing out this Korean 
lip product for a little bit and have to say that I'm really loving it!
Plus, I think the packaging is super kawaii (cute!) It's purple (my favorite color) with cute designs on it.
The product itself looks really sheer in the tube and, as the name suggests, jello/jelly like. There isn't peach scent, which I was lowkey expecting, but there is a sweet floral scent to it that is very light. However, it tastes kind of perfume like so when you are drinking tea or accidentally licking your lips, be aware of that--this is probably my only gripe about the product.
It also swatches pretty sheer, but you definitely can see the peachy pink color. 

On the lips, however, the product seems to be the color of those lip changing balms--a more stained pink look. Not sure if you can tell, but especially on my lower lip, my lip color seems more pinky and definitely more 'juicy' like.

There is actually more pigmentation that comes off this product that I thought. In person, my lips definitely have a stained pink look and the more I seem to layer on, the more stained it looks. 

Overall, I am highly pleased with this lip color and want to try the other two in this line (one is yellow and the other is green, probably more balm like). My lips aren't irritated to this product and although it isn't the most moisturizing lip product, I do like it for the color, and you can always put some Vaseline or rosebud salve over it if you need more hydration. 

Would you try this product out? What's your favorite Korean beauty brand for lip products??!


  1. looks really pretty and fresh on you! I'm trying to get into more asian beauty brands and I haven't tried out this brand yet! I'll definitely look into it!


    1. Thanks! I love asian beauty brands..their packaging is always so frikken cute! They sucker me in.

  2. great post dear,love the lip colour on you.so beautiful
    following you now via gfc hope you follow back
    keep intouch

  3. Replies
    1. thanks! it is very subtle which draws me more to using it.


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