Too Cool For School Pink Milky Tint: Swatch + Review

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been M.I.A. for a few days, I went on a little vacation trip to Las Vegas!! ( I will be posting up pictures in a later post!) I decided to get back into the groove of things with a simple post on this Korean lip tint product I hauled a few weeks back.
This is the Too Cool For School Pink Milk Tint that I bought for around $8(USD)

I would have to say the name of the brand and product is what intitially attracted to me look at this item. Then when I saw a picture of the item I just sucked me right in!
The packaging of this item is just so adorable! I love how it comes in a cardboard milk looking carton and then the product itself shows the color and is written over a milk bottle.

The product comes with a short little doe-foot spongetip applicator.

Now for the product itself, it would seem as if the product comes out really light and sheer, maybe almost colorless just from the swatch. The product is indeed very liquidy and wet and reminds me of those L'oreal Aqua lip caresse (I forget what they are called!) but it doesn't leave a sticky/thick feeling behind.

On the lips, the product turns way more darker and pigmented than in the bottle, especially if you layer it on. However, it doesn't feel sticky or heavy on the lips! There's also a very pleasant strawberry milk scent to it which I love and it doesn't taste weird at all.
This lip tint definitely acts as a stain than a gloss which was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted the perfect like pink that gives off the 'i just ate a lollipop/popsicle' look and this gave me exactly that, especially on my bottom lips to make it look poutier.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but this product definitely leaves a brighter pink color on the lips that isn't too overexaggerated and not too bright--it looks more on the natural side. Though in person, you can definitely see how much more pink it is than in the pictures.

I love this item and love it way better than the previous item I reviewed (Hey-Pop pink peach Jello Tint). I loved the color of that one, but the perfumed taste of it is what I dislike the most about it).

If you are looking to find a soft pink lip tint that gives off a sweeter more subdued look then check this item out! Or if you are looking for a good stain to get that middle of the bottome lip pout look then this is the one for you!

Have you tried anything from the Too Cool For School line? What's your favorite Korean beauty brand?


  1. I got the orange one from a sponsor and I'm so sad/disappointed because it can't show up on my darker/Filipino lips at all basically and I know I'm gonna have to leave it a bad review >....>

    Sample Hime

    1. Oh man, i'm sorry to hear that since I really do like this product! I think the orange tint would have been perfect for spring time too..


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