Hot Pink Obsession

I'm usually not the 'girly girl' or the one into the color pink, but for some reason, I am totally into pink right now! And not just any pink, not soft pastels or muted pinks, bight bright-ass-hot-pink!

Here's a look at what I have been obsessed with lately!

3) Gilly Hicks Bralette (similar HERE )
7) Betsey Johnson Keychain Wallet
8) Steve Madden Plastic mini studded purse.

I know the sprays aren't really 'pink' in color, but the packaging is, so I had to include them.
Plus, they smell wonderful, I love the cotton candy smell in my hair when I use the Pink Sugar Hair Perfume, and the Pure Seduction sent from Victoria Secret is truly delicious as well!

Everything else is basically hot pink and totally occupying my mind. I can't get enough of this color! From nail polish, to lip colors, and even to accessories, hot pink has been my go to 'pop-of-color' so far this season.

What color(s) are you currently loving right now?!


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