Japanese flavored Cheetos in Nori Shio (seaweed&salt): REVIEW

I absolutely love Japanese snacks. They are by far my most favorite type out of all the kinds I have tried, as a whole. I especially love when well known American brands team up with Japan to create new and unique flavors of what we would know here as 'normal/typical' such as Frito Lay's Cheetos!
The flavor profile we will be exploring today is Nori Shio. Nori is the Japanese word for seaweed, and Shio is the Japanese word for salt. This is a very popular flavor combination in Japan used in other snacks such as the popular Calbee chips or even with fries.

I don't believe this is an everyday flavor/thing that comes from Frito Lay Japan, but if you can find it online or at a Japanese grocery store, then I would highly recommend it! ( Also if you like seaweed/seaweed flavor).
As you can see, the Cheetos aren't fully loaded with cheese like the Cheetos in the US. When we eat Cheetos, we mainly think of that yellow cheesey stuff that leaves stains on the fingers. This one, however, is mainly just that corn puff itself and no cheese on it (from what I can tell, just maybe some other flavor additives). The flavoring comes from the salt and the green specs you can see which are the seaweed flakes.
If you had tried furikake and liked it, then you would really like these. I found myself munching on these for the longest time and didn't realize how quickly I ate most of the bag! I love seaweed and I love the texture of cheetos so the combination of the two was genius! I love snacks like these and can't wait to find and try more flavors of well known snacks.

I found this at my local Japanese grocery store for $1.99 which is actually a pretty dcent price for an imported Japanese snack.

Would you try different flavors of Cheetos? What type of Cheeto flavor would you come up with?!

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