Queen Mary's Tea Room: Afternoon Tea

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I celebrated the birthday of our friend's daughter and she decided on going to Afternoon/High tea!

I was in the mood to 'dress-up' for tea time so I opted for this outfit.

Mimi Chica Lace Dress, Eddie Bauer Jacket, Black Tights, and Dollhouse Oxfords.

Queen Mary's Tea Room is located just north of the University of Washington and has a tea room&restaurant as well as a tea emporium/shop for customers to buy the tea as well.

The store front is so cute and charming and you can tell they are very detailed!


Once you enter the tea room, you are blasted with cuteness surrounding you! There are tea cups and pots everywhere as well as many different types of tea as well!

There is even a display showcasing the types of desserts they had and let me tell you, I wanted to try all of them!
Their menu, of course, showcased a bunch of teas as well as food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea times, etc.

We decided on the Afternooon Tea menu option which came with an assortment of items that you get to try and a pot of your choice of tea.
They also let you choose the tea cup you want when you walk in an dof course, I wanted the purple one! Look how pretty it is!

The table you are seated at also comes with a pot of colored sprinkled sugar to go with your tea (should you wish) and the presentation was just so darling!

 My tea of choice was the Fairy Princess cookie Rooibos and let me tell you, it smelled and tasted delicious! I absolutely love rooibos teas and this one was definitely spiced to perfection. It smelled like a warm baked cookie. I tried it both with and without sugar and actually prefer it without sugar so I could enjoy the natural flavors.

Our Afternoon Tea sampler started off with a palette cleanser of a trio of sorbet in raspberry, pear, and lime and they were all really refreshing.

Then came our tray tower of food. It had two people worth of food on it including hot baked items such as scones, then fruit and cakes, as well as sandwhiches. For the most part, I enjoyed everything but was slightly disappointed by the crumpet! I imagined something totally different than a flat small pancake looking thing...
I did really like the tomato scones and quiche they had and the sandwhiches too. The desserts were tasty as well, especially the chocolate fudge cake.

Overall, this was definitely more of an 'experience' type of thing and would love to come back. It is perfect for a girls get together or even a mother-daughter date! I loved the decoration and ambience the room provided and it is also a nice way to try a totally different tea!

I'm glad that there are places like this in Seattle where I can experience Afternoon Tea as best as I can without being in Europe. This is more of a pricier meal, since the food is a bit more than you would expect to pay, but you are paying for the whole experience along with the food and tea. The service is wonderful and the ladies working there are very friendly and are happy to answer any questions. They also have a gluten free menu which is nice to have as an option!

The place is really small, so reservations are highly recommended ahead of time!
If you are looking to experience High Tea/Afternoon Tea and are in the Seattle area, then I highly recommend checking out Queen Mary!

Have you experience Afternoon Tea? What is your favorite type of tea?!

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