SWATCH + REVIEW: Dose of Colors-Playdate and Sorbet Lipsticks

First off, I hope everyone had a very Happy Mother's Day yesterday!!
And now..on to this exciting (for me) post!

After waiting what feels like forever, Dose of Colors finally had their lipsticks in stock and I was finally able to pick a couple up!

They lipsticks were back in stock on Monday, April 28th. After some web troubles, I was finally able to order the lippies and received them about 1 week after (Tuesday, May 6th) or so.
The one I originally wanted was the color Playdate-a lighter milky pink color. Then, on their Instagram account, I noticed that they added two new colors and I picked up one of the newer shades, Sorbet--a milky light peach color.

Playdate in front, Sorbet in back

Sorbet on left, Playdate on right
As you can see, the lipsticks themselves are in a cute white packaging with their name on the lipstick cover. The bottom is clear and shows the color of the lipstick bullet inside.
These colors are so bright and creamy looking in the tube. They have a nice sweet vanilla like scent that isn't too strong.
These also swatch beautifully. They are very opaque and creamy when you swipe them on.
In direct sunlight

Outside natural light in covered area.

Now for the lip swatches. 

Though these lipsticks are very bold and opaque and creamy, I would highly recommend exfoliating your lips or prepping your lips well, especially if you have dry patches. Though the lipstick will glide over it, the bright opacity of the lipstick will catch on to those flakes and it will also set in the fine lines of your lips. A concealer or primer for your lips would be good to set down first if your lips aren't in their best shape.
Playdate on the left. Sorbet on the right.
Here's a look at Playdate in outdoor natural lighting under different shading.

Depending on the lighting, Playdate can look a little to bright for me, especially in person. This was definitely way brighter in real life than I had thought it would be from the pictures I have seen on Instagram. For some reason, I think I need to be more tan or paler for it to look better. This is also the kind of shade that can make your teeth look more yellow than they are so I have to be careful while wearing this. I still need to experiment more with this color! I do love the light pink shade to this and how soft it looks without being too neon bright.

The next shade I have swatched on my lips is the newer one, Sorbet.
I have definitely been looking for a nice peachy color but haven't found one that was quite to my taste. The other ones were either too neon/bright, too pink, or too orange, or too coral, for me to consider the perfect peachy color.
I like that this one leans more orange than pink but isn't too orange on me. I do love me some orange lippies, but for this shade in particular, I wanted it to be the right peach color for me and I think this did the trick.
It looks good against my skin tone and doesn't give off the yellow teeth look.

This color is also a lot more wearable than Playdate and I think will be perfect for the warmer months, especially paired up with white outfits!

Overall I am highly pleased with these lip products! They weren't as 'creamy' as I feel it was hyped up to be, but they definitely aren't dry at all. They aren't matte nor glossy, but a somewhat happy medium with a satin finish to it. They are indeed smooth on the lips and they do last awhile (unless you eat or drink of course).  Besides prepping your lips if they aren't up to par, these are an excellent lipstick product with beautiful colors and texture.
They are about the same price of a MAC lipstick at $16 and include a flatrate shipping fee (maybe free if you spend over a certain amount?)

I think I want to try a purple lipstick next and maybe some lip glosses from this brand!

Have you tried any products from Dose of Colors? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know!

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