Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge 2014

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Hi Everyone! Today's post is a bit different than what I have normally done in the past and is very exciting!

I was approached by Kendra Thornton, travel expert, wife and mother of three, to piece together a fashion board for her upcoming trip to Miami, Florida. Seeing as I have actually been to Miami about 3 years ago, I thought I would be able to pull together some looks that would inspire her for her trip!
Kendra Thornton Challenge: Swim Set

Here's a little introductory piece to explain the challenge and what she is looking for.

"I am going to Miami on a special trip with my husband. This romantic endeavor will require me to have some new looks for a new place! My plan is to look ravishing, but fashionable. It will be amazing to spend some personal time with my husband. It is my intention to look stunning when we are in Miami. During our stay, we will be taking plenty of photographs. I want my look to be stylish and enduring and I need counsel concerning my wardrobe. I am grateful to have expert help in fashion, trends and style. This is much appreciated, since my primary focus has been looking after three children.

We decided to stay at the Delano South Beach Hotel. We discovered this amazing website
looking for travel advice, reviews and suggestions. We were able to find all of these things in
Miami on gogobot, it was so easy to view things on this site. The lobby of the Delano South
Beach Hotel is utterly fantastic. It is full of windows, white curtains and hardwood floors. It will be fun to walk in the lobby with my husband and to view this amazing lobby. Furthermore, it will be nice to see people lounging around. My first full day at the Delano will be spent at the memorable Club Essentia. My husband purchased me a spa package, and I have been longing for this special day. A pedicure, a manicure, a body rub and anti-age treatments is what I am anticipating. I am hoping to have some loungewear that is cute and sexy. Finally, it will be fun to go to beach or the hotel pool.I feel wonderful when I am properly dressed. In fact, it gives me
confidence when I look the part, it is much more fun to have fantastic clothing!"

Now I looked up the Delano South Beach Hote (check out the hotel (HERE) and believe me, it is a gorgeous place to stay! I know that since she wanted to lounge around the hotel along with the beach that I wanted to keep things on the light side and not having anything too heavy, especially with the Miami heat! (haha no pun intended for the basketball team). Also, I wanted the pieces to be interchangeable, especially if she wanted to lounge around the hotel, but later on decide to go shopping or site seeing or grab a bite to eat. 

I came up with three different sets--pool/beach wear, lounging/daytime wear, and outfits for the night time.

Pool and Beach Time

Kendra Thornton Challenge: Swim Set

This first set is perfect for the beach or the pool and gives you options as well. I have been obsessed with items from Ted Baker (you will see a trend in this post!) and thought this white, pastel floral patterned swimsuit was perfect for laying out in or showing off since the pattern is absolutely gorgeous. For a more sexy twist, this black swimsuit is absolutely perfect since it has the see-through mesh paneling that shows just the right amount without being too skimpy. Then you have the perfect white cover-up that has a gorgeous lace/crochet detailing in the front and is long enough to cover up the bum too. The fact that it is white will also make that tan look tanner! Throw in a couple cute sandals that will be easy to walk in and easy to clean after a walk on the beach and you're god to go! Just make sure you have either a sun hat or sunglasses to protect your eyes and of course sunscreen and lip balm with SPF to protect the rest of your body. And to stay hydrated, a water mist like the one from Evian will keep you skin looking refreshed and not dried out.

Lounging Around

Kendra Thornton Challenge: Lounging

This next set is not just for lounging around the hotel lobby, but you can also take these outfits to go shopping or walk around to see the sites! Light and flowing shorts will be your friend in Miami. Because of the heat, you don't want any uncomfortable heavy fabrics, like denim, to stick to you. That's why these lightweight black and white shorts with lace detailing make it the perfect to lounge around in, yet still be stylish because of that extra detail. Plus, they make it easy to pair with different tops, especially the popular lacey tops or more brighter patterned ones. Add a statement necklace for a pop-of-color and you're good to go! Also, if you're just planning to stay in, you don't need a big purse to carry around. A good cellphone clutch is perfect for the necessities you will need: cellphone, room key, credit cards, I.D. etc.

Maxi dresses are also one of the best things to lounge around in and still look cute in. They are just as comfortable as sweatpants but way better looking, plus it looks like you put in more effort in than you did! They are lightweight and will be comfortable to wear in the hot weather. Plus, maxi dresses with more detailing means you don't necessarily have to wear jewelry or heavy necklaces either so you basically have a whole outfit in one piece.  You can definitely take the maxi dress, throw on a simple crossbody bag and go shop and explore outside the hotel as well. And again, anything in white, like the dresses above will just make that tan glow.

Wedges are the perfect shoes for these looks because a) they give you a dressy and sexy look and b) they are super comfortable to walk in and you can match a good neutral heel to any outfit! 

For the Nights Out

Kendra Thornton Challenge: Night Out

Now for the final set, I have a few choices for a romantic night out with the husband whether you are going to see a show, eat a nice dinner, hang out at a chic lounge--these outfits take minimal effort to put on, yet will make an impact for sure.
The first three dresses on the left are simple enough where all you will need are heels and a clutch and that's it. With the hot weather in Miami, people tend to wear less and be bold in their colors, so I think these first three dresses fit into the Miami vibe very well.
The first two Ted Baker dresses are absolutely gorgeous and are unique at the same time.
 The first dress is a bold jungle print that hits below the knee, but it is such a slimming and stand-out dress, you will turn heads for sure.
The second Ted Baker dress is shorter but with the soft watercolor/pastel-esque pattern, it just makes this truly a sweet and feminine dress, but not to feminine with the bold back collard to break up the soft colors.
The third dress is a bright coral dress with an embellished neckline that just screams warm weather and fun. The vivid coral matches the hot summery mood and the fit isn't super tight but a nice flowing dress that will contour to your body just right. 
The last dress is a simple little black dress that is just a staple in every women's closet. If you want to take a break from too much color, then this is the best option. You can simply leave it as is, or pair it up with a statement necklace and Bam! That's it! You turned it into a completely different look!
All four of these dresses pair well with simple black heels, and my personal favorite, the ankle strap black sandal heels. These type of shoes go well with almost any outfit really and dresses them up as well. Add a black clutch and that is all you'll need for a night out. Don't forget the pretty pink lipstick and that bronzey/peach blush to add to give you a glamorous look and of course, a little perfume to make you smell absolutely irresistible to your man.

Thank you Kendra for letting me be a part of this challenge and I hope I was able to contribute to some inspiration for your Miami trip. I know you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and vibrant culture with your husband and I hope your vacation will be everything you want it to be!

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