Paul Fredrick Summer Collection 2014 Launch

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Today's post will be a quick yet exciting post looking at the launch of the new 
Paul Fredrick collection launching for Summer 2014.
. Paul Fredrick is a men's clothing and accessories line aimed for "Smart Style for Professional Men." I took the jump on making this post because I really do enjoy looking at the content for men's fashion and looking at the similarities and differences between men and women clothing. I also just love men's fashion in general and am always inspired by men's wear. And as a bonus, when a man can dress up and look comfortable and confident in what they wear, there's nothing sexier!

This summer collection has light and comfortable suits, unique patterned ties, and clean-cut colorful dress shirts. Their main focus for this summer collection is on their dress shirts, so be sure to check them out HERE.

What I am particularly loving  are the bright colors and how this collection makes less "manly" colors wearable and stylish. With hues of pinks and teals, these two colors contrast nicely against blue shirts and play very well for color-blocking as well or just adding a nice pop-of-color


This collection is also in sync with pastel trend in women's beauty and fashion, as the dress shirts, in particular, are bright yet not too bold, which is perfect for the light and airy theme of where summer clothing for both men and women is going. Not only are these items perfect for the summer work days, but they also would be perfect for a nice dinner by the waterfront, a summer wedding, even after work for casual drinks. All a man needs to do is take off the tie, unbutton that first top button, and they're good to go!. These dress shirts can go from more casual to dressy with a tie and are very versatile for the man's summer wardrobe.

If you are a guy, be sure to check out for some new looks and pieces to add into your wardrobe. These pieces would also be wonderful as a gift for a brother/father/uncle/boyfriend/cousin etc. and also with Father's Day and most graduations coming up, some of the shirts or accessories would be perfect to pick up as a Father's day gift or graduation present!

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