June Product Empties 2014:#7 w/ mini reviews

 Where the frikkk did time go to?! Anyways, I actually used a bunch of products up last month, all of them mainly had the slightest bit left in them so it was definitely time to another one of these empties post!

I was finally able to finish up a box of these facial sheet masks from  My Beauty Diary which is a Taiwanese brand. I absolutely looooved these ones, and maybe because they were Early Grey Tea & Macaron  ones, I was more biased towards, but they worked really well at hydrating my skin and giving it that extra boost of moisture. I would save these for special occasions, especially if I was going to a nice dinner or some party.
I used up another bottle of the Target Up&Up brand eye makeup remover. It does the job, it isn't anything special, but I like it because it doesn't irritate my eyes and is fairly inexpensive.
Ah, my favorite things from Daiso are their makeup wipes. I loved these ones that had a bit of citrus to them. Whether to wipe of makeup or just a refresher throughout the day, these $1.50 makeup wipes are still some of the best ones I've ever had,
I had a good sample size of the Algenist Firming and Lifting cream and I really did enjoy this product. I'd use it as a moisturizer in the day time. I can't say I noticed any firming or lifting, but as a moisturizer, it was very good, however, it's pretty expensive ($94 for 2 oz!), so I don't think I'd purchase this in the full size--maybe i'll wait to see if its a sample and get it free again!
The LUSH Breath of Fresh Air toner water is one of my favorites. I will definitely repurchase this on my next trip to LUSH. It just seemed to calm my skin really well and I like to use this as a skin booster throughout the day. I like this underneath a moisturizer as well. I bought the smaller size and it lasted me a good while (I want to say 6 months or so using it almost every day).
I used up two Victoria's Secret products: their fragrance mist and moisturizing hand and body cream in the Mango Temptation scent. It took me foreeeever to use these two up, and some of the mist actually spilled out so it probably would've taken me even longer to use it up. I liked the scent since it is delicious smelling, but don't think I would repurchase it, only because it took me so long just to use these up and I have other scents I still have and like better from VS.
The Gold Bond Eczema Relief cream was nice but I didn't find it too helpful against my eczema. I actually like their Q-10 lotion better for my eczema. I didn't find it as hydrating as I think it should have been. I probably won't repurchase.
The LUSH Snow Fairy shower gel was wonderful, at least to me! I actually love that overly sugary smell and I liked how the shower gel felt on my skin--it didn't leave it feeling stripped or anything like that. It did take me a long time to use this one up though, so I may or may not by this again come winter time. I may just buy the smallest size they have, just to have it and be able to smell it when I want.
Lastly, I have two small desk items. The first one is the LUSH charity pot, hand and body lotion. I bought this because it was for a good cause, but the lotion itself wasn't my favorite. The smell didn't smell like appealing at all--it was very much like a somewhat rank outdoorsy moss smell. I did end up using all of it, obviously, and as a hand cream, but even as a hand cream, it was just okay.
I finally used up another EOS lip balm, this one in the Honeysuckle Honeydew scent. I think this is one of my top 3 in this whole line of lip balms and I would repurchase it if I didn't already have about 10 more I needed to use up!
Well, that's it for my empties. There is just something rewarding about writing these posts and seeing all the products I've used up. It sort of justifies buying more products? Haha, maybe not, but still feels good to use these all up!
What have you used up this month?! Have you tried anything above?

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