Glico Ice-No-Mi: Grape flavored ice balls, product review

*Disclaimer-This product is a sample, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not getting paid for this post*
Glico USA has a new frozen treat that are available at some Asian/Japanese grocery stores right now! ( at least for Seattle), so I thought I would do a quick post featuring this tasty icy product.

This treat is a frozen fruit and dairy ball and comes in grape and orange (that I've seen so far).  
These really are interesting products. They have to be eaten quickly since they will melt just as fast and you will no longer have that 'ball' shape. The frozen balls are like little sorbet ice balls that are a little hard on the outside and smooth/creamy on the inside.
They are a bit sweet, so I suggest sharing with a friend if you do get a chance to purchase them since they can be a bit much. Plus the grape flavor on this one is pretty artificial, but in the best possible Asian grape flavored items type of way!
Or, you can use them as ice cubes in a soda drink like the popular Mitsuya Cider or even say a Sprite/7-Up
 Do you like Japanese ice cream/frozen treats? Would you try this one?


  1. They should be delicious. I think that something similar is not yet available in Italy.

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. We just had these in Japan and they also camei peach and apple flavors! Hoping to find some in the US!

  3. Yes I'm looking for theese also they look really good I seen they had theese in japan at like 711 stores and a cup of ice and steller watter and a bag of theese they put in there watter and cups of ice in frozen section

  4. Had them for the first time at the University of Tokyo convenience store, and my wife and I loved them! So tasty and refreshing!

  5. Forgot to mention that Glico Seventeen ice cream bars in the vending machines in Tokyo train stations have my favorite ice cream. They’re delicious!


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