Boo! Surprise.

I pretty much turn full on Otaku (Japanese term that loosely translates to people with obsessive interests, commonly in anime and manga) when I see cute/quirky shirts that have to do with anime/video games/TV shows, etc, and of course I got super giddy when I found this Boo, ghost character from Nintendo,  at an Anime convention I went to a couple years ago.

The best part is that it looks calm in front, and then BOO! "Scary" in the back. I figured since it is almost Halloween, why not play it up?
Black, red and white is probably one of my favorite color combinations so I kept it that way by add sticking to all black and pops or red in my jacket and from my rose etched red slip-ons from Vans (which by the way I've had since I was 15 and I'm glad I never got rid of them since the slip-on shoes are coming back I full force!)
Jacket - Marshalls, Boo shirt - from Sakuracon, Drawstring Pants - Forever 21 (similar HERE),
 Vans slip-ons - from 9 years ago


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