SWATCH + REVIEW: NYX Simply Vamp, Simply Red, & Simply Nude Lip Creams

These first came to my attention when I had a saw a picture of a friend wearing the Simply Vamp in Temptress and I had no idea these even came out! I then searched online to find more info about this line and to my surprise, there are more of these 'Simply' lines: Simply Vamp, Simply Red, Simply Pink and Simply Nude. I didn't pick any of the Simply Pink lippies, but I did try a red and nude.

I picked two from the Simply Vamp line: Temptress and She Devil, one from the Simply Red line: Seduction, and one from the Simply Nude line: Sable

From L to R: Temptress, She Devil, Seduction, Sable

Now for some lip swatches:


Temptress was another color that was hard to apply. It seems that these darker colors don't apply as well. I found this one the most difficult to work with and noticed how patchy it could get right after my first few swipes. I love the color of it, a nice deep, dark purple, but the effort to build it up is a bit annoying since there are still some patchy areas. I noticed it even more when I either freshly wiped my lips with makeup removing wipes or applying Vaseline (even though it says to apply to moisturized lips). It left a semi-satin finish to the lips with no shine. This stuff does not like to be placed over a balm or anything from what I experienced with. Again, I would recommend lining your lips before hand, all over, to get better coverage and staying power. For those looking for a good, dark purple color and don't mind the extra effort, I would say give this a go. 

She Devil

She devil is an extra dark berry purple color that is reminiscent of dark red wine. I found this color to be a bit hard to work with. It is smooth when you swatch and initially apply it, but it is hard to get an overall sooth opaque finish without it getting patchy. I had to really layer over certain areas before it looked decent enough. The finish was a semi-satin finish with no glossy effect. This color leaves a berry stain on  your lips after and also fades away a bit patchy. I would definitely recommend using a liner before or a primer so the color lasts longer and doesn't bleed out. 


Seduction is a bright and beautiful red with orange undertones. This one was easier to apply and the application was smooth. It left a nice and soft satin finish on the lips. I will say though that since this is a very bold color, you have to be extra careful when applying since it can get everywhere. I am not the best when it comes to applying lipstick so this pencil-chubby stick made it easier to apply, though I still did notice some bleeding around the edges. Again I would recommend using a liner before hand to stop the product from bleeding. 


Sable is my most favorite pick out of this bunch. This was so easy and creamy to apply and the product went on so smoothly. There was no patchiness to it at all and it applied evenly. I went on a whim when I picked this color since I didn't see many swatches of it yet online and I am so glad I went for the darker nude. I have a hard time picking nude colors in general and I am in love with this one! It is also on trend for that whole matte 90's brownish lip that has been blowing up all over the place. This was a nice satin finish lip cream and I had no issues applying this color or with any bleeding. I definitely recommend the Simply Nude line and especially this color since the formula is nice, they're easy to apply, and the color range is good.

All of these Simply lip colors from NYX are all lip creams that have a nice smooth texture, but the Simply Red and Simple Nude colors performed the best. However, they may turn out better for you and at only around  $5.99 to $6.49 (cheaper when you can find them on sale at Ulta or it is worth checking out. I will highly suggest Sable since it is perfect to throw in a handbag and where every day. The pencil form makes it easy to apply and the color is gorgeous.

Readers, have you tried any of these Simply lip creams from NYX yet? What are you favorites? Any suggestions on others to try? Let me know!


  1. that nude shade is literally, perfect. Too bad those vampy-ier colors didn't perform too well! They're were really nice colors :((

  2. It is--it is definitely becoming my every day nude. And I was a bit disappointed, not gonna lie! I really wanted them to be easier to apply since the colors are my type of colors! Ughh, oh well, can't win 'em all haha

  3. The colors all look gorgeous on you!


  4. Sable is a beautiful shade~ I can use that color for everyday~

  5. Def have to try these out!! Really pretty in you!!

  6. They look great on you! Really love that nude, it's gorgeous!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  7. Yes, it is definitely a good one for ever day!

  8. Thank you =) I'm becoming a bit obsessed with this nude color haha

  9. Sable is gorgeous! It's hard to get hold of NYX in Britain, but they do ship here from their website. I'm constantly looking out for the perfect nude (like every beauty blogger, haha)

    Francine from The Graduate Goddess xx

  10. I love this nude color and I know what you mean about finding that 'perfect nude'! I swear I try so many to fine 'the one(s)' haha. Sable is definitely on my Top 5 picks as of now though. But if you sign up for NYX's website, look out for special coupon codes so at least you can save some money if they don't offer free shipping!

  11. yes!! I love Nyx lippies, so pigmented and such awesome shades. I love she devil on you, I may try it - it's vampy without being too strong. thank you for the swatches!

  12. NYX lippies are probably some of my favorites ever! And thanks! I love the shade She Devil, but I really do wish the formula on it is a bit better, but I love the color enough to make it work haha. I feel like NYX butter lipstick in Licorice is really comparable (but maybe a little lighter...)? but I'll have to dig through my lip stash to see if I am close or just making it up lolz


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