A Look Back: A Day in Korea

*picture heavy*
Taking a little rewind-my trip to Asia this past September was filled with some delays which left me with one day to play in Korea! We weren't too far away from the Incheon airport, but it was enough to see (and eat!) everything, or as much as we could!
First, let's take a look back to that whole day..

Carry on necessities

Bye-bye Washington

Some actually good in-flight Korean airplane food: bibimbap

So since we missed our connecting flight to Malayia, we ended up having hotel accommodations made for us at where they provided us with two rooms and 3 meal tickets.
Their version of beef stroganoff..not that great..lolz

Our hotel bathroom

A look at night

Breakfast- buffet style

These spam sets were everywhere!
Lunch with ox tail soup, banchan, and dumplings
Much needed matcha/green tea latte
Fish cake snacks here!
And all the yummy pastries here, ughh, I wish I could've eaten more!
Our last meal in Korea where it was all seafood!
Banchan, clam soup, seafood noodles, and grilled mackerel.
And back in the airport waiting to go! Repping my 12th fan Seahawks shirt in Korea =P

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