SWATCH + REVIEW: Milani's #24 Black Cherry Lipstick

It's been awhile since I've tried on a new lipstick (awhile for me is probably not very long for most >.<) and I am super excited for today's lipstick feature! I have been hearing for the longest time about how amazing Milani lipsticks are but have never tried them or any of their lip products before. I finally had the time to go to a store (Fred Meyer's for me) that carries them and picked up one of their Color Statement Lipsticks in #24 Black Cherry.

Getting an early start on Christmas with my 'Ugly Xmas Sweater' =P
Why have I not tried these lipsticks before?! This color in particular was very pigmented and not overly creamy, but not drying either. The lipstick glided on smoothly and didn't drag or tug on the lips. I didn't exfoliate or prep my lips either with this lipstick and the lipstick did well not catching onto and dry flakes. It settled into the lines a bit but after rubbing my lips together, it went away.
The lasting power with Black Cherry was great. Yes there was some transfer when I was eating/drinking but other than that, the color definitely stayed on my lips for over 4 hours (which is awesome in my book for the way lipstick wears on me). It is one I would recommend using a lip liner with because the color can bleed around the lips a bit. If you want your lip color to last all night long, lining your lips and filling them in would help keep it all together.
Everyone mentions the smell with these lipsticks and how it smells like delicious fruit punch but to be honest, I'm not much of a fan! It is a little to sweet smelling for me (and trust me, I like sweet) especially for a lip product and I could've done without it. It doesn't bother me to the point where I can smell it while I wear it, but straight from the tube, its a bit much.
Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend these lipsticks and this color in general. It is that perfect fall to winter color, not too dark, but definitely bold. It isn't too purple or too red and is a nice in between wine/berry color. Plus, it is very affordable, especially if you can find them on sale. I bought one for around $5.49 or so. I will be looking into more colors to try out in the future from this line!


Readers, have you tried out these Milani Color Statement Lipsticks before? What are your favorite colors and recommendations for the next one to try? Let me know!



  1. I had one of these a while back and I think I passed it on! Really need to give them another go, especially after seeing this lovely shade! Looks great on you! (Like all lipsticks ;))

  2. Ooh what color(s) did you try? I want to try some more darker colors and maybe a red. And thank youuu =P *blushes* hehe


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