HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: for the Last Minute Shoppers

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide
I wanted to get this post out before the weekend so all those people who still haven't bought or finished Christmas shopping could get some inspiration!

I broke this set out into four different groups: Food, Accessories, Sports fans, and gift cards.

For the foodie in your life, quirky little gifts like fun cookbooks, like this Sriracha Cookbook (with recipes on the infamous rooster sauce) could be an excellent choice. It shows that you know they like cooking or food in general and looks like more effort went into it, especially if you know the types of food the gravitate towards.
Another item that would be perfect for the tea lovers is a fun tea infuser like this Umbrella Herbal Leaf Tea Infuser. Not only are they a practical gift, but there are so many different types of tea infusers out there, you're sure to find one that suits the person.
If you're just in a rut and going to a last minute party or need a last minute gift, you can't go wrong with chocolate. I would choose something a little more different than you're everyday Ghirardelli and Lindt and add some island flavor with Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts like these ones from Hawaiian Host!

Cozy Accessories
Scarves - Not only are these choices unisex, but they can also be the finishing touches to an outfit. Especially with the Winter season, these infinity scarves will be perfect to keep their neck warm! This Plaid Infinity Scarf adds a nice touch of color yet is still mild enough for both men and women to pull off. This Chunky Infinity Scarf in Black though probably meant just for women, can be pulled off by men as well since it is all black.
Socks - An underappreciated gift, but most people would love new pairs of socks. Not only do people lose socks (the machine usually 'eats' one out of a pair) but they also tend to wear down sooner and have holes on them. You can do it simple with Golden Toes, or give them something a little more fun and to wear.
Smartphone accessible gloves - Anybody who lives in a cold environment who likes to take walks or commutes would appreciate these, especially if they are attached to their smartphones. These gloves will not only keep your hands warm, but you don't need to take them off to access your phone.

Sport Fans
Living in Seattle myself, most people live and breathe all things Seahawks related (#GoHawks!). With that said an awesome gift would be a beanie or hat from their favorite team. Whether it be baseball, soccer, football, or whatever other sport in a college or professional level, an item to show some of that team spirit would be much appreciated. Some of my choices include: Seattle Seahawk Strapback HatSeattle Seahawks Pom BeanieSeattle Mariners Robinson Cano T-shirt, and this MLS Seattle Sounders plush throw.

Gift Cards 
The last set is for those who really have no time to shop at all. This makes gift cards the perfect gift.
In case you have a picky family or friend who might not like what you get them, even if you get it at their favorite spot, you could always just opt for a gift card to send them. This leaves the fuss of taking too much time to decide if they would like something or not. Depending on how well you know them, you can really customize it by getting them gift cards to very specific places they frequent. Or, you can't go wrong with a simple gift card to Amazon! You can find a majority of gift cards at the stores or if you are at Target or Safeway, they usually have a bunch of gift cards right at the check out line.
I hope this post gives all you last minute shoppers (I'm guilty of it too) some inspiration for the last final shopping rush before Christmas.

Readers, are you a last minute shopper or do you get things done way out in advance? What are some of your favorite items to give as gifts? Let me know!

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