Last weekend I went to Revel Seattle again but this time to try out their Summer Brunch menu! Last time I was here was back in November for my birthday (short review HERE ) and it has seriously been too long! As I've mentioned in a previous blog post, Revel is an Asian/Korean fusion place that is owned by Chef  Rachel Yang (along with 3 others in Seattle including, Quoin, Joule, and Trove) and has been gaining a lot of popularity, especially with Trove recently opening.
My friend and I wanted to go early to beat the crowd, but since it was Memorial Day weekend, most people were probably still hungover! We even arrived a bit after 10 but there were still plenty of spots. We ended up sitting on their outside porch area with room heaters above. 

A short and simple menu, but their Summer brunch was on point!
Here's a breakdown of what we ordered.

Bacon donuts, pickled Asian pear, condensed milk glaze: Oh em gjeeze. This was amazing! My friend unfortuneately isn't eating meat until her wedding, so I had to eat these all by myself. I know, so hard.
Smoked Tuna Salad, harissa potato, olive, pickled green bean: My friend ordered this and I didn't want to eat too much of it, but I loved the pickled green beans!
Revel Ramen Not what I typically am used to in a ramen in terms of the broth. I'm usually used to a richer, creamier broth, especially when pork is involved, but this lighter broth matched the whole dish really well! The diced up radish kimchi left a nice sour flavor to the mix, the egg was oozing to perfection, and the texture of the noodles was nice and tender. My favorite part was the long piece of pork belly! I could've done without all that ginger, but otherwise, this was a really good noodle soup, ramen dish.
Scallion biscuits w/ Jalapeno honey butter: Wow and Wow! This was a last minute on behalf of my friend (I take credit in actually choosing this over the yogurt) and boy was this frikken amazing. The scallions and bread products are always a good combo--savory but not overpowering. Plus, that honey butter was beyond delicious. There was a definite jalapeno flavor to it (with actual jalapeno bits too) and it wasn't spicy--just sweet creamy butter perfection Added with the scallion biscuit and you have the perfect combo.

Do I recommend this place? Heck yes. Would I come again for brunch? Most definitely. I really want to try the BBQ Pork Monkey Bread (crazy right?!) and you can't go wrong with the Short Ribs and Egg rice bowl. A reorder of the bacon donuts and/or scallion biscuit is a must too. Plus, this place is tucked away in Fremont, which is a cute place in general with many food destinations and darling little shops, so you can always walk and venture around after! Maybe even give the infamous Fremont Troll a stop-by... =)

Readers, have you had an Asian/Korean fusion on foods before? What are your favorite kind of new foods to try? Let me know!

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