The ever-so-popular chocolate dipped biscuit in stick form, aka Pocky by Glico, is an internationally recognized snack and with that comes an whole world-wide variety of flavors.
Today's Pocky find will be on this Chocolate Banana flavored biscuit stick. Usually the biscuit stick is not flavored, but for the Chocolate Banana flavor profile, the biscuit now a chocolate flavor dipped in a banana cream covering.
I'm usually a huge fan of artificially flavored banana products (Banana milk by Binggrae, Banana Ice Cream, Banana Laffy Taffy, etc) so of course I wanted to try this one.

First impressions of this product is the overpowering artificial smell. It literally hits you once you open up the package. I was a bit put off by it, but thought that the taste would make up for it. Nope. The fake banana cream flavor was a bit TOO fake for me, the kind that leaves a weird plastic-y feeling in your mouth. The cream didn't really melt in your mouth either, unlike regular chocolate pocky that melts right away--probably due to all the artificial ingredients in it.

The verdict? I was definitely disappointed and not a fan. No wonder it was on sale for $1.99 (regular price around $2.49). This product just doesn't move and the flavor, though interesting, doesn't live up to the flavor quality i'm used to with other Glico products. 
If you're dying to try it, then by all means go for it but for everyone else, this can  be skipped over.

Readers, have you tried any Pocky before? What are your favorite flavors?

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