I'm a huge fan of Green Tea anything, so when I saw this fancier Matcha (green tea powder) Pocky during my last snack shopping trip, I knew I had to pick these up to, despite the steeper price tag (these fancier ones tend to be anywhere between $5-$8 and paid $6.49 for these). Let's take a closer peek!

This box came with 4 inner packs, each pack containing 6 sticks, so yes, you don't get a lot of product which is kind of a let down, but I expect it anyways with this type of snack product. Let's get down to to the product itself.

The biscuit is an actual matcha/green tea powder flavored biscuit which I wish had a bit more green tea flavor to it. However, it is dipped in a light milk chocolate along with these 'matcha crunchy cookies.' The rough bits you see within the chocolate are the crunchy parts and they add a nice layer of crunch as well as an extra oomph of green tea flavor. These are definitely the fanciest, high-end, green tea Pocky I have ever tried and these ones are direct from Japan!

The verdict: I have to say that even with the price point, I do recommend these especially for all you Pocky/Japanese Snacks/ Green Tea lovers out there. The dessert type Pocky from Japan are harder to get here in the States so I will always recommend getting them if you have a chance because once they're gone, they're gone! I enjoyed these and my mom who isn't really into sweets also found herself loving these too. They're definitely more of a treat but I would definitely repurchase it again.

Readers, what are your favorite Pocky flavors? Let me know of any unique flavors you have tried!

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