Tasting Boiling Point's New Soup Recipes & Menu Items

Yesterday, I was invited to a private tasting with Boiling Point at their Edmonds, WA location to try out some of their new menu items including appetizers, new Thai Fusion Hot Soup, and desserts! 
The tasting menu started off with their appetizers which included Garlic Pork Belly, Kimchi Tofu, and Spicy Fermented Tofu (aka Stinky Tofu!). I really enjoyed their Kimchi Tofu; it had a nice flavor and was crunchy and added a nice texture to the soft tofu. I also really liked their Garlic Pork Belly. There was just enough garlic flavor and enough fat on the sliced pork belly! My favorite though would have to be their Spicy Fermented Tofu. It's definitely not for everyone and maybe more for the more adventurous and can take some getting used to but it packed some great flavor, plus, it wasn't too stinky! The spice level was nice to counter balance the fermented flavor.
We also had a chance to order drinks and I tried out the Sweet Milk Boba. It was a little sweet but after the ice melted more it was perfect.
Wasabi Rice Ball: To be added to your boiling soup for about 3 minutes to cook it. This was a nice addition to my hot pot and had mild wasabi flavor!
Thai Fusion Hot Pot: I opted to try their new soup recipe in their Thai Fusion soup. Boiling Point has created this "Flavor Evolution" in their broths bringing customers high quality ingredients and even cleaner flavors. This soup was extremely flavorful and had great lemongrass flavor (just the way I like it!) and was loaded with different meat and seafood including crab, fish cake, shrimp, and squid, and a bunch of veggies. I loved everything about this dish, but maybe just not the cabbage. It's a personal preference, but I definitely like my hot pot with napa cabbage instead.
My lunch date, my mom! She ate the new Organic Veggie hot pot and enjoyed it!
They also had new sauces to try and my favorite was definitely the bean curd paste. It didn't have that overpowering fermented flavor that I've experienced from other brands and paired well with the meat.
For dessert, we were able to try their latest creations from BP's owned tea shop, Jin, located in California, including their Brown Sugar Organic Tofu Pudding and their Milky Soft Herbal Jelly. Both were delicious! The Tofu Pudding wasn't overly sweet and the tofu was extra smooth and surprisingly didn't leave my throat itchy (I'm a little allegic to tofu). My favorite though has to be the Soft Herbal Jelly. I've had it before but the texture of this one was extremely creamy! The addition of the half & half was a nice touch and a combination I hadn't tried before. From what I remember our hostess was saying, I think that the desserts are only available in California currently so it was nice to try something special not available here yet!
BP is ramping up their game and the work is paying off! You can tell by the quality of their food and service and being fresh and innovative. Also, their marketing is growing too since they released their first issue of their magazine which is in both English and Chinese, has some neat stories, and coupons to use! As a gift, they also sent us with this cool Boiling Point notebook, pen and bracelet. Thank you again to Ashley for inviting me to this tasting event! Oh yeah, and guess who I bumped into while I was there...
Sonya from @idolcollective and @seattle_bites! It was so nice seeing her again and eating together! Hehe. If you're a fan of Boiling Point or hot pot in general, check out your local BP!

*This post is not sponsored but I did receive a complimentary meal. I was not asked to write a review. All opinions are strictly my own and I choose to write this post.

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