Puccho Ball -- Cola Flavored

My candy review today is going to be on this Japanese puccho ball candy. If you've ever had regular puccho sticks (i'll be doing a review on those later) then they take the same concept of a chewy candy with different textures in it, such a this one.

back labeling

inside the bag, its like a bag of chips, half air.

some candies poured out

Now, the outside you'd think is just a powdered sugar coat that goes away once you put it in your mouth, however it still stays white and powdery on the outside. And if you've ever had fizzy candy, or soda candy, then you might understand if I were to say that this is a reverse effect. The fizzy stuff (sodium bicarbonate) was on the outside coating the hard candy.

Then, the inside is this chewy texture, which is sort of close to the chewy puccho sticks.

Overall, I much rather have the puccho sticks than these balls. I don't like dealing too much with chewing the hard candy part. This comes in 2 other flavors, grape and soda (ramune) and retailed for $2.19.

Its good to try for something different, and good for quirky little gifts, but I wouldn't repurchase.
I only had 1 of the candies inside and haven't touched the rest yet...

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