What's in my Travel Make-Up Bag? 2014

*links will be added to these posts soon! I am currently blogging from my phone at the Incheon International Airport in Korea so it is a bit difficult to type and link everything. Once I get settled in Malaysia with an actual computer, I will add links and edit more!*
This next post is all about the makeup i will be bringing. I will probably get rid of a couple lippies (I can get so indecisive!) but here are the items I may bring with me on my trip! 
Let's take a closer look!

For lips, I have probably one-two many (there are more that I actually put in my big suitcase too, but for now this will be what I am brining and also gifting to my grandma.
I'm keeping brushes to the essentials and minimum, with a large powder brush, smaller setting brush,  2 random eye shadow brushes and an eyebrow/lash comb. 

The face and eyes are pretty basic.  Of course I needed my Divergent palette since the eyeshadows are basic and perfect should I choose to wear any and it comes with blush, bronzer and a nude gloss. The eyebrow kit from E.L.F. is for my mom since I don't really fill them in. I have my Can make eyeshadow trio in case I wanted some more glam. Then I have erase paste concealer from Benefit and the Watts Up highlighter.
 Another thing I like having both me should I want a more subtle highlight/blush and just something I can also use to set concealer..I have my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush which can be lightly dusted or layered for a more blushy pink .

I'm pretty sure I won't end up using most of these items over the course of these next three weeks but I just like having the basics I MAY need should I decide to wear makeup!

Readers, what are your makeup necessities for traveling?  Let me know! 


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