Of course, another lip product review! I've had these for awhile and just finally got some time test, swatch and review these! They are fairly new to the NYX Cosmetics line and they are their High Voltage lipsticks!
I picked up Free Spirit (a brighter orange-red) and Bordeaux (a deeper wine-red)

Free Spirit


Free Spirit: This color is so gorgeous but is definitely bright. It looks even brighter in person. It comes off a little more red on the lips which actually makes it a bit more wearable. Since this is so pigmented, you will want to apply this with a mirror! It is so creamy, maybe a little to creamy, and can transfer really easily if you're not careful. Because it is a little slippy, it doesn't last as long as other lipsticks I have tried. I get about 2 to 3 hours of wear and even through light eating, the product can smudge everywhere.

Burlesque: I absolutely love this color and think it matches the name perfectly. This is nice deep wine-red that reminds me of pin-up girls and performers in the art of burlesque. This color is also very pigmented, but has the same issues as Free Spirit. This one also transferred more easily: When I smudged my lips together, the product seemed to rub off the bottom lip! I had to keep applying product over the center of my bottom lip to make it even. That being said, this one also wore off a bit unevenly too.

I love the colors in this range and would like to try a couple other colors (like the purples) but the quality of the product itself if a bit disappointing. If they held a little better, I would definitely pick up more, but I think these two will suffice. However, since they are very reasonably priced, (I purchased mines at ULTA during their BOGO sale) I would suggest trying these out for yourself-they may fare better on your lips than mines! I can see it going well with a lip liner paired underneath and even setting the lipstick as well, but for me, that's too much work!

Readers, have you tried out any of the NYX High Voltage Lipsticks?? What do you think about them? Let me know!


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