Restaurant Review: Best Restaurants of 2016

This past year I had a chance to eat at a lot of awesome places in the Seattle area, both old favorites and new discoveries, once or multiple times and try out different dining experiences. Today I'm throwing it back and rounding up a list of my top 10 favorites places I have eaten in Seattle (and the Greater Seattle area) with a few honorable mentions. They are in no particular order and there's a mix of cuisines and price points in here from seafood, breakfast, and even some sweets! Check it out below!

 What more can I say about this place than that it is one of my favorites to go to when I am craving Vietnamese food (other than pho)? I live for their crispy rice with short ribs (add an egg of course) and have eaten there so many times this year I’ve lost count. This year I also discovered their beef congee and it’s more watery than Chinese HK style that I’m used to and I treat it more as a soup but I love the flavor it has. Their other special rice dishes are delicious too with a variety of toppings as well as their noodle soups!

I’ve been here in previous years but not as many this past year when I went with some pole friends from my studio I work at and tried their deep fried catfish! This feast of a dish is meant to get messy and be enjoyed with at least 3 other friends. What's better than a huge deep fried catfish served with a yummy sauce and all the herbs!?

This restaurant is another favorite and another one I have gone to multiple times for both lunch and dinner. This year, however, was the first time I had the chance to experience their Omakase and for their pricing, it is some of the best I have had in the Tukwila area.

 I only went here one time and it was for my birthday which was around the same time this place opened and boy was it such a fine experience! Their French sustainable menu was loaded with delicious goods as we basically tried almost every dish they offered. A favorite was definitely the foie gras uni/sea urchin mousse!

Healthy gourmet pasta with passionate people behind it is something I can get by. I had the privilege of eating here at the invitation of the owners and had a wonderful time tasting a selection of their menu! I will be doing a full review of this soon so stay tuned! (Full review HERE)

I went here one time in 2016 for my mom's birthday. My brother and I wanted to take her somewhere nice and unique and we thought this Kaiseki experience would be one of them! The whole event lasted around 3 hours with 10 delicious courses and some of the best mixed drinks I've ever had. It's a bit higher in price but is truly a fine dining experience.

I've mentioned Coastal Kitchen many times before and even had the wonderful opportunity to partner up with them for an event last year! I love going here to eat but especially for their Happy Hour on Tuesdays where Oysters are $1 from 3 - 11 pm! They have the freshest selection with a variety of oyster types and is my favorite place to go in the city for oysters. 
I've only been here once and I would definitely come back! This place is located in the Kent area in an underrated area with only a few seats inside but the wait to eat here is so worth it! You can serve a large group here with their carne asada board, doraditos, and more for not have to spend an arm and a leg. I can't wait to eat here again.
 The first time I was here was in the Summer and I can’t believe it took me so long to finally try it! Their flavors are so fresh and delicate. Though their ice cream may not be as creamy as others, I enjoy the texture with the different flavors they offer. A favorite is definitely Flora's Cheese.

Bambu Seattle
I have been to the Bambu in Kent before they served the shave ice and had their ché which is good but not as good as these guys! When they opened in Seattle, I was extra excited and had the chance to try a few of their shave ice such as their green tea cheesecake (my favorite), strawberry cheesecake (a close second), Thai tea, mango, and durian flavors. My excitement increased tenfold when I found out they started serving the shave ice at the Kent location since I go there frequently. This place definitely has one of my favorite desserts in the area.

Honorable Mentions:

I hope you enjoyed the photos of some delicious food I had in 2016! I can't wait to explore new places and try even more foods there is to offer! Seattle foodies, have you tried any of these places out? I'd love to know!


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