Vanilla Ice-Japanese Kit Kat

My review today is on this Vanilla Ice/ice cube/ ice cream..not sure what exactly but something along those lines--type of Japanese Kit Kat!

Japanese flavored kit kats are probably the best there is in the world anywhere because of the many flavors they come in. We are lucky enough in the states (more specifically I think the West Coast) to see at least some of these flavors.
front of package

back side labeling

Now in a big bag like these, there are 13 pieces in them and retail for around $6.99. Pricey I know, but most of the Japanese Kit Kats are pricey and as long as people are willing to pay for them, they'll probably stay at this price.(Should note that for the most part, at least in Washington, this product is only available in a small 4pc bag that retails for $1.99 if you can still find them in a Japanese store/grocery store)

individually wrapped kit kat

unwrapped package (sorry it melted a bit)

inside of kit kat.

I have to say that these are pretty tasty and I would consider repurchasing. The vanilla isn't super strong and its not overly sweet. It does have an "ice" or "ice cream" effect to it when you eat into it because it almost seems like there is a cooling feeling to the bite that are in very tiny pieces, but its soo slight I can't quite put my finger what makes it do that.

I would definitely check these out if you are an avid Japanese Kit Kat lover.



  1. //table flip!
    why you envy me with soo japanese yummy sweets!! (> w <)

  2. Really interesting Kit kat.



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