Summer empties #2

Summer is almost over and I thought it would be a good time to show the products i've used up and give a quick little review on them.

I will go over the hair products first.
1) Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner spray: I am always looking for a good leave in hair conditioner for my long hair and this wasn't quite what I wanted. It helped detangle my hair a little bit but it still didn't get everything as smooth as I wanted. I think I expected it to be as good as the Aussie 3 minute miracle but it was not. It took me awhile to use up as well. I probably will not be repurchasing this again.
2 & 3) Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong shampoo and conditioner: I didn't like this at all. The smell was nice but it did not do anythimg for my hair. It also made my scalp dry too which is no bueno. Definitely would not repurchase.

Some random stuff next.
1) Target brand calcium gummies: My doctor suggested me to eat some calcium chews since my intake wasn't high enough. Not much to say about these but the fact that I liked them and they are  
pretty much like candy. There was a strawberry, raspberry, and orange flavor and for 100 gummies this bottle only cost around $8 or $9 . I will most likely repurchase this after I finish these other calcium chews I am trying out.
2) The Body Shop's Born Lippy in Watermelon: My friend bought me the whole set of these lip balms and I just now finished one of them after over 6 months. I like the smell of this one and it was very soft and smooth on my lips. It doesn't leave any color (at least not on me) so is good for those who aren't into colored products but like the good smelling ones. 
3) Bath and Body Works mini candle in Villa Bergamot: I really wanted this in the 3 wick size but they only had the minis and since I love the smell of bergamot (think Earl Grey tea) I really wanted to try it. I dont think this mini size did this candle justice. If i can find the large one I will try to get it but I highly doubt I will be able to.
Now for body products.
1) Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring lotion w/ CoQ10: I've repurchased this one over and over and will continue to. It just works so well with my sensitive skin. The only thing is that the smell is not as attractive so apply this on only at night!
2) Vaseline Intensive repairing lotion: This wasn't as moisturizing as I would hope a lotion that claims to 'heal extra dry skin' would be. It was fragrance free, which I like, and didn't leave a greasy feeling. However, it wasn't as moisturizing as I wanted it to be. There are many more lotions I plan to try so I will not repurchase this one.
3) Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter Body Butter: I mainly bought this because I wanted to try a Soap & Glory product and since it was $5 on  Sephora I thought I would pick it up. I think I was expecting a different smell when I purchased it so I'm not quite sure if I liked the smell. I didn't mind it since it had bergamot in it. It was sort of a sweet and tart smelling body butter. I loved the consistency of it though and it was lovely on some extra dry areas of my skin. I won't repurchase this particular product again but would love to try out more from this brand.
And lastly, I have the facial products.
1) Hyaluronic Moisture Gel from Daiso: Loved this product especially on my dry face. What's even better is that it was only $1.50 + tax. I love the pricing at Daiso Japan and their facial stuff is not bad either. If you have on near you or in your country ( I've seen them on the West Coast of the U.S., Canada, and Malaysia so i'm sure they are scattered around everywhere), definitely check out their store.This was so moisturizing to my face and was a good one to throw in a bag in case I needed to re-moisturize.
2) Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream: This was the second complete tub I've used and I will most likely be purchasing one soon once the weather gets colder. I swear it takes me about a year + to use a whole tub. I use it for everything from my face to a body lotion. There's not fragrance to it so it doesn't irritate my skin at all. It can be a little greasy if you use too much so if your skin is a little on the oily side, you may not want to use this one (especially since it's a huge tub).  I do recommend this for drier skin and would consider this an everything product. For the amount you get also, you can't beat the price. I recommend going to a Costco if you or someone you know is a member since I have found it the cheapest there ($7 to $8)
3) Kiehl's Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment: I really enjoyed this product and treated it as a 'luxury' product (since this thing isn't cheap at $28). When I did use it though, I would feel that my eye area was extra moisturized. I need all the moisture I can get in that area since it is really dry. The consistency is very different too. It starts of thicker and you can apply it directly and work it under your eye but it turns into this watery texture. I usually like taking some on my 4th finger and rubbing it against the other one till the texture completely changes, then I apply it to my eye area. I may repurchase this but probably closer to winter time since I am currently using other products.
4) Kracie Moistage Triple Essence Cream:  One of my favorite Japanese moisturizers for every day. It is fragrance free, and a good sized container which can last me 8 months to a year (depending how often I use it). This is the second one I have bought and I will most likely be repurchasing another one after I finish my other Kracie moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling extra hydrated and supple to the touch. It can be a little shiny at first but it goes away after it sinks in. I definitely saw a difference in the way my skin looks after using it as opposed to when I don't use it.
5) Simple Eye make-up remover: Definitely will not buy this product ever again. I started recently wearing mascara regularly and wanted to buy something to remove it instead of just vaseline (which I usually use). It took way more effort than necessary to remove the eye makeup and I ended up having to use vaseline anyway to remove the remaining residue. 

Well that's it for now, thanks for reading!

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