Summer/Fall Shoe Picks 2013

I figured now would be a good time to show the new shoes i've picked up over the past couple of months and a couple pairs that would be perfect for fall.
I picked up 6 pairs of shoes, (4 heels, 2 boots) and they are all pretty much neutral colors that would work great for the remainder of summer and transitioning into fall.

The first two pairs of shoes I picked up were the classic ankle strap sandal heels in a black and a nude. had them on their site but they were out of stock so I went ahead and picked them up at
The black Anne Michelle Enzo 01 Heels are back in stock and you can get them HERE at
I love the simple look of them  and how they can dress up a simple outfit.
They aren't the most comfortable shoes, but can be worn if you don't plan to walk all day. 
They were both around $24 which makes them an excellent deal. 
They're perfect for any closet since they go with just about anything. They'll be perfect for fall too (especially if you live in warmer areas) and can be worn out to brunch or even in the office.
You can find the nude ones HERE on

The next pair of shoes are another ankle strap heeled sandal. These are the Bamboo Senza 01 Chestnut Single Strap High Heels and you can purchase these HERE on
I absolutely adore these shoes! The big chunky heel makes them easy to walk in. Also, there is a zipper in the back behind the heel which makes taking them on and off really simple. I also love the chestnut color and find it perfect for transitioning from Summer to Fall. Again, they're a very neutral color and can dress up an outfit

If you can't already tell, I'm slightly obsessed with ankle strap heels, and these next pair of shoes are not exception. I wanted something a little more dressy and closed toe and once I saw this next pair, I knew I had to get them. These are the My Delicious Aveta Black Nubuck Ankle Strap Heel and you can find them HERE  on (again--I really like this site!). The shoes are a suede material so they appear very soft. The ankle strap is a little wide for my taste, but it still looks pretty on. They are also easier to walk in than the Anne Michelle Enzo 01s. They look so classy on with the closed toe that they would be perfect for a night out or a fancy gathering. They also aren't overly high so you could also wear these to work as well. 

The next two pairs I picked up were definitely meant for the fall. Since it has already started raining again here in Seattle, I needed to get new boots to combat the wetness to come!

The first pair of shoes are these boots from I was semi-biased in getting this pair because the name of it is 'Kyle' which happens to also be my brother's name. I had my mom and brother looks at different boots and they both ended up liking this 'Kyle' one before I even told them which made me have to get them even more.
I got them in the brown color and I really love the look of the double buckle detailing on the bottom and the zipper hardware on the outside.
The only downside to these is that they are kind of tight on my calves. It took awhile to stretch out and zip my leg back in! I really wanted to wear them with leggings or skinny jean but that will most likely not be an option since they are so tight on me. I can probably only get away with wearing them with tights/stockings. Even though they are a tight fit, I love the color and the look of them, so stretching them out a little more shouldn't be too much work.

The last pair of boots I picked up were from Steven Madden at Nordstrom during their Anniversary Sale.
The style is the Tennasee boot in black leather. They have them on sale still on their site and you can find them HERE I absolutely fell in love with these shoes and they were what I needed. I had to get ride of my old black combat boots since they were torn up so I have been searching for the right boot that isn't too high.
When I saw these, with the gold hardware (an extra plus) and saw that they were an ankle length, I knew I had to get them. They fit wonderfully and the leather is very soft. The zipper on the inside makes getting the shoe on and off easy since you don't have to deal with the laces. Plus it is perfect for fall when I just want something a little more casual and simple. 

Hope some of you can get some inspiration from these picks and get a hand on them yourself if you've been looking for something like these.
Out of all the shoes, I recommend the Steve Madden boots the most (even though they do cost the most) but they're definitely worth the money and you'll get a ton of wear out of them. 
But, I still love all the shoes I picked up and can't wait to style outfits in them,

Thanks =P


  1. Shoes shoes shoes! My favourite obsession :)

    Lu, xx

    1. Yes! Shoes are definitely one of my obsessions too =P


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