Vostok Dumpling House: Restaurant Review!

I was in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle the other day and was in the mood for a quick meal. I was going to head over to Marination Station, but I noticed this place Vostok Dumpling House right next door! Since I haven't really had Russian food and love all kinds of dumplings in general, I figured it be a good of time as any to try something new =P

 A look at their menu
Basically, you can pick the type of dumpling you want and your own sauce and any additional add-ons. They had other items such as their sides, but I didn't have enough money on me so was only able to get a half order of dumplings to try >.<
Decor inside-Soviet inspired.
I picked the Potato Cheddar Varniki which already comes with their traditional butter sauce and caramelized onions (so I didn't have to do any extra thinking!)
A half order came with around 9 dumplings I believe and nice slice of thick bread.
I'm all about the skin of a dumpling. I'm not too picky, but I like a good dough and this one didn't disappoint! It wasn't too thick or too thin and had a good chew to it.

The inside filling wasn't quite what I expected. I certainly tasted the potato but I think I expected more flavor, especially from the cheese, but it wasn't disappointing either, just not what I had originally expected. I absolutely loved the caramelized onions and felt that it went perfect with the mild butter sauce and potato cheddar dumpling. It definitely added that bit of flavor I was craving. It is especially good too when you swap up some of the onions and sauce with the thick slice of bread provided! This half dumpling portion with the bread was the perfect amount for a filling lunch for me.

My total was less that $5.00 ($4.93 to be exact) and I couldn't have asked for a better meal at that price. I highly recommend checking this place out if you are in the area or if you want a feel for Russian food.
I will definitely try some other dumplings next time with a side of Borscht!

Have you tried Russian/Soviet inspired food? What is your favorite dish? What would you recommend?!


  1. I love love love dumplings!!!!!! Yep I have but I am not a cook, I can't remember what is was called but it was delicious!!!! It was a pan dish with red cabbage and meat.

  2. I loved your blog! If you want to follow each other via GFC/Bloglovin just let me know on my blog!


  3. Foloowed you, now waiting for your follow back :)

  4. mm dumplings are really nice!!


  5. I am sorry they didn't meet your expectations! However, when I get a dumpling or gnocchi the dough is EVERYTHING!



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